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10 Best Hollywood Movies With Future Earth And Society Predictions, Ranked By Credibility

At the heart of nearly every science fiction film that focuses on the future of Earth, a strong sense of the imagination is embedded in the “what if?” »Scenarios of inevitable apocalypse or major catastrophic climatic tragedies. More often than not, these Hollywood movies incorporate real and potentially deadly issues the planet is already facing and provide a clear picture of what the future holds for humanity.

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Even though Hollywood is known for its extravagant, extra-dramatic productions, there are some plays that have greater scientific precision and seem much more believable than others. Most refer to events and predictions yet to be revealed and aim to raise awareness of the dangers to come if human action does not begin to play a decisive role in preventing irreversible damage – whether on environmental policies. or societal threats to democracy.

ten The matrix

Neo stops the balls with his hand

The fourth film in this sci-fi saga is already in production, although the original received the highest praise in critical circles. This media frankness has proven to be exceptionally creative with the exploration of ingenious and fascist computer programs that have created an entire simulated world to subdue the human race.

The endless power of these machines, presented in a post-apocalyptic reality, fights against a group of rebel software programmers. This plot highlights the fact that artificial intelligence continues to grow in today’s society, and in the future, its impact may very well become dangerous and overbearing.

9 Greenland

The Garrity family looks up in their car in Greenland

This sci-fi disaster movie, which focuses on a destructive comet heading towards Earth and how humanity / governments react to survive it, is very close to the Hollywood style. While not a topic on current issues like global warming or resource depletion, its scientific accuracy is relatively convincing. The apocalyptic plot of the film targets the arrival of Comet Clarke from another solar system that has split into countless large chunks.

The path of each coin is unpredictable, but there is speculation it could cause planetary annihilation. Gerald Butler and Morena Baccarin portray a couple struggling to survive amid this catastrophic phenomenon, which in current reality already echoes the emerging science of interstellar objects that have been spotted around Earth.


8 Snowdrops

Chris Evans looks in Snowpiercer

After a frozen Earth turns too cold to support life amid a failed experiment to counter the effects of global warming, the last survivors find themselves trapped inside a train whose engine fails. never stops in order to prevent its passengers from freezing. Unlike most science fiction films which generally place a high value on the technology used, this one is about exploring how a futuristic society based on extreme capitalist stratification might function.

Between riots and chaos inside this train, the film critiques how the unequal distribution of wealth in today’s world could be much worse in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Additionally, the film aims to make audiences wonder what the impact would be and how people would survive if human action made global warming worse to such an extent that the planet would face another Ice Age.

seven Midnight sky

George Clooney looks at himself in a mirror in The Midnight Sky

Looking to the future through the eyes of science fiction can be frightening and intimidating as most films present issues that are a consequence of humanity’s contempt for the planet these days. George Clooney’s most recent Hollywood play certainly fits that profile and while it has several key elements that raised more questions than answers, it still has a plausible sci-fi / dystopia premise.

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The public learns that the “event” was a terrible environmental disaster that wiped out almost all life on Earth and that very few people survive. Those who do are mostly a few astronauts who are inside a spaceship that, in the end, travels to a moon near Saturn to start a new civilization.

6 Interstellar

This layered and complex science fiction story follows the journey of a group of astrophysicists who live on a future Earth where humanity is known to be near extinction due to irreversible climate damage. This group goes into a wormhole and ends up being challenged a lot more than they expected. Maybe viewers don’t know it, but, according to scientists, this space film has very precise visual appearances about the supermassive black hole that is so often mentioned, and the time-dilating effect that the crew experience. on a planet they are also visiting.

But even when it comes to the state of Earth, the movie offers a believable portrayal of actual physics and serves as an important caveat on the direction humanity may be heading.

5 Elysium

Matt Damon points a gun at Elysium

Set in a dystopian future where the globe has been abandoned by the rich and societies epitomize drastic classical divisions, a perfect habitat artificially created around Earth’s orbit thrives with powerful and healthy humans. In contrast, the lower classes remain earthly survivors, in a place where food has become insufficient and medical care is inadequate. The story follows a man who tries to break into the Elysee Palace.

Besides questioning the value of humanity as a social commentary story, this film features futuristic technologies that make it believable. In this pristine orbital colony, the public watches a combination of natural resources and cutting-edge technological devices on display for the wealthy. There are even beds that detect and cure cancer in seconds.

4 Two days later

This climate science fiction disaster film is based on the authenticity of a plausible theory that changes in temperature could disrupt ocean currents and lead to a catastrophic collapse of the Earth’s biological balance. The story of a group of people in New York who are caught up in a North American storm may sound a bit too fictional – in typical Hollywood style – but the science behind this cataclysm has strong, valid arguments.

Global warming can surely cause sea level rise, even on a rapid scale, triggered by an earthquake that leads to a powerful tsunami, which, then, can have devastating consequences.

3 The road

The destroyed landscape in The Road

End-of-the-world stories that seek the help of scientific authorities are generally strong and plausible. And that is exactly the case here. Highly realistic drama set after an apocalyptic storyline, this film tells the story of a sick father protecting his son from dangerous survivors as they slowly make their way to the sea.

It’s a frightening and heart-wrenching vision of a tragedy caused by global warming as lawlessness sets in and everyone tries to escape death by running out of basic resources such as food or even electricity. simplicity of a sun.

2 Ex Machina

Alicia Vikander as a cyborg touching an artificial face on the wall in Ex Machina

The fascinating and formidable advancements in artificial intelligence are still a fairly mysterious area and it’s easy to say that humans are just beginning to understand its impact on day to day life. More often than not, films that explore its development raise the question of whether these machines will become as human as humans. While these offer valuable opportunities, they are certainly not without risk.

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In this dystopian film, an AI character ends up controlling and assassinating its creator thanks to his ability to outsmart him through abstract thinking and strategy. This concept of machines realizing their existence and having their own desires is nothing new, but in this movie the story seems pretty believable.

1 The Martian

Matt Damon as an astronaut walking alone on Mars in The Martian

Contemporary speculative fictions generally have a pessimistic tone. Yet in this film there is a sense of optimism mixed with a very scientifically plausible portrayal of a mission to Mars. An astronaut finds himself stranded on the Red Planet after a mission goes awry and finds himself having to get creative to survive and ask for help.

Not only is such a mission to the neighboring planet Earth likely, but its realistic aspects (like its precise severe storms) make it very believable. This sci-fi play shows a man masterfully crafting various survival skills as the crew try to turn back the clock and save him, showing that there is hope that human unity as a this species is definitely worth believing.

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