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Although they currently have millions of dollars in their bank accounts, some of them have an Oscar or Grammy Award opportunity, these celebrities had a very difficult childhood, far from what one can imagine. if we look at the successful and luxurious lives they lead in the gift.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise. Photo: IG

Coming from a family with limited resources and separated parents, the 59-year-old actor went through more than 15 schools and had to travel all over the country in search of jobs that would allow him to survive. He had a Catholic upbringing. the childhood was his most difficult stage, due to the professional instability of his fatherwhom Cruise described as “a merchant of chaos”.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp. Photo: IG

The American actor had a difficult childhood. He lived in a hotel room for nearly a year because his family didn’t have enough money to buy a house. They moved more than 20 times before finally settling in a house in Miramar, Florida.

Already in adolescence, when I had 15 years old, his parents separate and Depp falls into a deep depression. Before becoming an actor he worked as a seller of telephone pens and after quitting he worked as a mechanic.

His film career began in 1984, when he met Nicolas Cage through his wife Lori Anne Allison, who encouraged him to try his luck as an actor.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe. Photo: IG

The most beautiful diva in the world he didn’t have an easy childhood. It was common to see her counting her stories of poverty and drama. never knew his fathersince he abandoned her when he found out his mother was pregnant.

To the seven years old, her mother was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and she was referred to an orphanage, where he lived until his majority.

Eva Longoria

Eve Longoria. Photo: IG

Mexican actress she grew up on a ranch where she had to go hunting for her own food with her dad when she was little, an issue he fondly remembers. In addition, she worked as a waitress in a fast food restaurant during her teenage years, until in 1988 she landed her first contract as a theater actress.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio. Photo: IG

Before becoming the Wolf of Wall Street, the 44-year-old actor was more akin to Jack Dawson, the star of the blockbuster “Titanic.” His parents divorced when he was only one year old.so that grew up with his mother in various disreputable suburbs in Los Angeles, surrounded by drugs and prostitution.

His situation managed to improve when he was discovered by a talent scout and started his acting career.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry. Photo: IG

Before hitting the big screen, Halle Berry had some tough experiences. Her father was a violent man and her mother a simple nurse by profession.no; whom they divorced when she was four years old. after having been abandoned by fatherand due to its difficult economic situation, mother and daughter were forced to sleep in hostels for beggars.

However, the actress managed to overcome adversity and in 1986 participated in the Miss USA pageant, where she won the title. Since then, she has worked as a model and actress. In 2002, she became the first African-American actress to receive an Academy Award for Best Leading Actress, for her performance in Monster’s Ball.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba. Photo: IG

The actress was born in California, but spent her childhood between several states, due to her parents’ economic problems. Something that complicated the family’s income was that Jessica was a very sick child, which did not help the situation.

He had twice collapsed lungs, pneumonia, a ruptured appendix and a tonsil cyst.. He also suffered from asthma.

At 12, he took his first acting class. Nine months later, she was signed by a movie agent and landed her first role in the 1993 comedy Camp Nowhere (1994).

jim carrey

Jim Carey. Photo: IG

Coming from businesshumble family, the 57-year-old actor, had to live in trailers and tents for many years. Carrey was unable to complete his studies and ended up working in a cleaning company and as a clown in a cabaret.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker. Photo: IG

The protagonist of “Sex and the City”, who is always seen full of glamour, he had a difficult childhood and no money. During his early years he lived, with his seven brothers, on public charity; often even without basic services, such as electricity and water.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig. Photo: IG

He was born in Liverpool, but moved to London to study. In this location I had to sleep rough in Hyde Park. He says he didn’t have enough money to rent a room, but it was a sacrifice he had to make to achieve his goals.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves. Photo: IG

Compared to many others, he had the misfortune to have had very traumatic experiences that marked him for life. His father abused and humiliated him in front of other people. When Keanu was 12, his father was arrested for drug trafficking.

To advance his family, Keanu’s mother had to work as a stripper in nightclubs. Unfortunately, Keanu had various stepfathers who sometimes ignored him and didn’t take him into account.

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