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10 Hollywood actors fans would love to see make a comeback on the big screen

Regardless of the past 12 months (when theaters around the world were closed), there are those actors in Hollywood who are constant regulars on the big screen. Tom Hanks, Scarlet Johannsen, and Ryan Reynolds are just a few celebrities who regularly headline high-profile movie releases.

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Then there are actors who haven’t been seen on the big screen for quite some time or who have performed but just in lesser known or smaller productions. There are often very good reasons why, but for fans of these actors, there is hope that they may someday return to the kinds of roles they were known for.

ten Cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary with Hair Up

For decades Cameron Diaz has been one of Hollywood’s most recognized stars. She knocked Jim Carrey’s jaw off when she debuted in the 1994s The mask, and she went on to have an illustrious career. There is something about Marie, charlie’s angels, and Bad teacher, were just a few of the blockbuster movies Diaz starred in, but in recent years she has been noticeably absent from the big screen.

Diaz’s last onscreen role was in the 2014 remake of Annie, but it has not been seen in theaters since. The reason is well known, because the actress has now retired. No longer happy to be in the public eye, Diaz stepped back from the spotlight to look after her own well-being. Unfortunately for fans, it seems unlikely they’ll ever see her on the big screen again.

9 Bruce willis

Bruce Willis in Die Hard

Thanks to Die hard and John McClane’s character, Bruce Willis was once one of Hollywood’s most beloved action movie stars. Roles in pulp Fiction, The fifth Element, and Curler, everything contributed to his ever-growing net worth, and for a time he was rarely absent from the big screen. Unfortunately, times have changed for the actor.

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As of 2013, Willis mainly starred in low budget action movies which failed to capitalize on his talented acting skills. There have been occasional exceptions on the big screen, including Glass and Brooklyn without mother, but today, the career of the actor is very far from that of ten years ago. Maybe the rumor Die hard reboot will bring the actor back into the limelight.


8 Mo’Nique

Mo'Nique in Precious in a chair, smoker

Mo’Nique started her career as a stand-up comedian, but when the acting bug bit her she started acting on both the small and the big screen. After a string of comedic roles, her biggest acting tour came in 2009 when she took on the role of Mary in Precious. She gave an outstanding performance as a profane and abusive mother, and she deservedly won an Oscar for the role.

In a Perfect World, Mo’Nique’s career should have skyrocketed after winning her Oscar, but she stalled instead. The actor claimed she was “blackballed” in Hollywood after its award because of the “difficult” reputation it has been given. While she has never stopped acting, the big roles in the cinema that she should have received have so far escaped her. She’s starring in the next thriller, Reading, so fans are sure they can’t wait to see her in a lead role.

seven Ashley judd

After making his career debut Star Trek: The Next Generation, Judd has risen through the ranks in Hollywood with roles in many high-profile films. Sadly, her career took a downward spiral in the mid-2000s. As she continued to act, she struggled to receive the big-screen movie roles she was once used to, and she attributed that to Harvey. Weinstein.

Talk to Amy Robach on Hello america on his experience with the disgraced Hollywood mogul, Judd blamed his actions for his difficult career. After pushing back on his sexual advances, Weinstein reportedly went out of his way to tarnish Judd’s reputation, and movie roles dried up as a result. The actress deserves a comeback on the big screen, and she will next be seen in the lead role in a biopic about singer, Anita Bryant, so hopefully her career will turn around.

6 Rick moranis

Rick Moranis in Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Moranis starred in some of the funniest comedies of the ’80s, including ghost hunters, Space balls, and Honey, I cut down on the kids. Small in stature but big in talent, he continued to act in the early ’90s, but then disappeared from the screen.

After his wife’s death from cancer in 1991, Moranis decided to move away from the cinema to be with his children. It was only meant to be a short break away from the screen, but it turned into a bigger break, and he then decided to step down for good. However, it is speculated that Moranis will make a comeback in Disney’s. Honey, I cut down on the kids reboot, so hopefully he decides on more acting roles after his long-awaited return.

5 John cusack

For many years, Cusack was a reliable presence on screen. He could turn to any genre and received a lot of praise for his acting work. Say anything, Being John Malkovich, and Grosse Pointe Blanche ranks among Cusack’s best films, although there are many more hits on his resume.

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Sadly, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Cusack on the big screen. Her last big role was in the 2014 biopic, Love & Mercy, and since then it has been widely seen in low budget B-series movies. There are a number of reasons Cusack’s career has stalled, including his reluctance to commit to big budget franchises, but hopefully things will improve for this very talented actor. Her next role is in a comedy thriller in which he co-starred with the tremendous talent of JK Simmons, so it’s entirely possible.

4 Meg ryan

Meg Ryan was the queen of romantic comedy. Roles in movies such as When Harry meets Sally, Insomnia in Seattle, and french kiss granted her that status, and for three decades she was barely off the screen. Her resume also included roles in films far from the romantic comedy genre, of course, so there was more to the actress than the crazy girl next door.

Sadly, Ryan’s Hollywood career appears to have come to a standstill. She hasn’t starred in a movie on the big screen for several years now, despite being a constant presence on the small screen. Relationship dramas and burnout are just two of the reasons Ryan was absent from theaters, but I hope she finds a returning role in the future.

3 John travolta

John Travolta is the return movie performance king. After finding glory at the start of Fat and Saturday night fever, his career has seen ups and downs like a yo-yo, but it has continued to bounce back after the decline of his career.

In recent years, Travolta’s career has not been as strong as it used to be. It was largely relegated to direct-to-DVD movies, and its pulp Fiction– as a return image, Gotti, had no impact at the box office. Questionable career decisions have been largely to blame for Travolta’s recent acting meltdown, but he’s come back from the worst, so hopefully he finds another career booster soon.

2 Taylor lautner

All the actors of the dusk movies caused a stir in Hollywood, but great things were expected from Lautner. He was best known for The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl before his appearance in the popular teen franchise, but his profile increased dramatically thereafter.

Unfortunately, Lautner did not have the career success of his dusk co-stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. It’s not for lack of trying, but movies like Removal and Plotters failed to ignite his acting career. Her last movie role was in the Slightly Disappointing Film Running the tide in 2016 and his last acting performance was on the UK sitcom, Hello. He doesn’t appear to have any other roles planned for the future, but there is speculation he could return as Sharkboy in We can be heroes 2.

1 Christina ricci

Christina ricci

In the 90s, Ricci seemed in great demand. After the first performances in Sirens, The Addams Family, and Casper, she went from child roles to more adult roles with films such as Prozac Nation and Monster.

Despite early praise, his career began to falter in the mid-2000s. Ricci attributed this to his fluctuating weight, which she says has kept her from being successful in her career. Fortunately, fans continue to see her on the small screen and hope she will be next. big screen role in action movie I can’t stop the dawn relaunched his career.

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