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10 Hollywood actors who made their breakthrough in a Martin Scorsese film

When cast in a Martin Scorsese movie is cast, it’s almost like getting a Golden Ticket, because no matter how crucial or small the role is, their careers will change almost instantly. Whether he pulls them out of obscurity or finds them in off-Broadway plays, Scorsese has changed the landscape of cinema through his casting choices.

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Because Scorsese has such an authoritative creative voice in the industry, casting directors presumptuously seek out his new hires without even seeing the movie. And if the famous director hadn’t recruited these artists, audiences probably wouldn’t have the iconic characters that the actors would subsequently play.

ten Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel in Mean Streets

Keitel actually starred in the directorial debut of Scorsese, Who knocks on my door, but since it wasn’t exactly a breakthrough for either, it would make their first successful and highly influential collaboration Middle streets.

Since then, the actor has worked with Scorsese on a handful of other projects, including the most recent gangster epic, Irish. Keitel sort of gravitates towards film writers, as he not only works with Scorsese, but is a Tarantino favorite as well.

9 Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield in Hugo

Compared to its huge budget, Hugo is considered a surprising box office bombshell, but it still grossed nearly $ 200 million and introduced the world to Asa Butterfield. Since he was only 14 when the film was released, it made his acting skills in the children’s 3D film even more shocking.

After that he became one of the youngest a-listers working in Hollywood, as he was the protagonist of Ender’s match, and he is now the main actor in the hugely popular Netflix original series Sex education.


8 Jodie foster

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver

Being another actor who rose to fame at such a young age thanks to Scorsese, Jodie Foster had a debut similar to Butterfield, but in a very different film. Scorsese chose the then 12-year-old Iris, an underage sex worker Travis tries to save in Taxi driver.

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After this exposure, she became the benchmark teenager to direct family films. But featured in Taxi driver apparently foreshadowed Foster’s adult career, as she starred in so many crime dramas, including Panic room, flight plan, and inside man.

seven Albert brooks

Albert Brooks in Taxi Driver

Other more jealous actors would say Albert Brooks was lucky because his role as Tom in Taxi driver is his very first role in the cinema. Since then, Brooks has had such a varied career, ranging from starring in more dramas to even directing his own acclaimed films.

And even his success in directing could also be due to Scorsese, as watching the famous director work on set could only be inspiring. But Brooks isn’t even visible in his most famous role of all, as he voices Marvin in The world of Nemo.

6 Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street

Before getting a lead role in the wolf of Wall Street, the closest gangster movie not to talk to gangsters, Margot Robbie had nothing more on her resume than a recurring role in an Australian soap opera.

When Robbie was first shown onscreen, every viewer’s jaw dropped and she became a bankable star seemingly overnight. Even eight years after its release, the wolf of Wall Street still remains one of Robbie’s best movies.

5 Joe pesci

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in Raging Bull

Although Pesci has been somewhat cataloged throughout his career as a bigmouthed ‘all barks, no bite’ character, it all started with Scorsese. Angry bull where he played Joey, Jake’s brother.

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The actor broke a rib on set during his fight with De Niro, but it was worth it, as he not only was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, but he became a cinema icon. If it weren’t for Angry bull, the audience would never have seen him like Harry, half the wet bandits, in Alone at home.

4 Jean Turturro

John Turturro chats with Clint Eastwood in The Color of Money

The first film in which Turturro appeared was Angry bull, but it wasn’t exactly a groundbreaking performance, as it didn’t have any lines and it wasn’t even credited. But six years later, Turturro had a much larger role in The color of silver, the incredibly stylish pool movie starring Tom Cruise and Paul Newman.

Even with these two intimidating heavyweights in the lead roles, Turturro held on, and that’s how he became such an incredible character actor.

3 Lorraine Bracco

Representations in Goodfellas are one of the reasons why this is arguably the best Scorsese movie, and while male gangster characters spend most of the screen time, Bracco has stolen the show every time she was on screen. ‘screen. The actor played Karen Hill, a mafia bride who struggled to come to terms with Henry’s career but still enjoyed the rewards that came with it, and Bracco was almost cataloged for the role for his career.

However, she continued to play Jennifer Melli, Tony Soprano’s therapist in The Sopranos, and this is one of the most celebrated performances on the show.

2 Michel Impérioli

Bracco is not the only one Goodfellas alum to obtain a major role on The Sopranos. Like Goodfellas and The Sopranos have a lot in common, there are a lot of crossovers with their actors, but the greatest achievement is Michael Imperioli.

Imperioli only has two scenes in the movie, but these are two of the most important, because it shows how depraved Tommy really is. Spider (Imperioli) gets shot in the foot as a joke and then murdered, and those two scenes were strong enough that he got a major role in The Sopranos and act alongside James Gandolfini for six years.

1 Robert de niro

The middle streets of Martin Scorsese

It all started with Middle streets. Being the film that established Scorsese’s style, from the Mafia lifestyle to filming in New York City, it was also the film that arguably started the greatest actor-director duo in movie history.

Not only did Robert De Niro play the role of Vito Corleone in The Godfather II the following year and become one of the most prolific actors of all time, but the performer worked with Scorsese new time. Whether playing a tormented taxi driver in Taxi driver or a regrettable former hitman in Irish, actor and director bring out the best in each other, and have been for almost 50 years.

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