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11 Dark And Deep Secrets Of Hollywood Stars That Were Only Recently Revealed

It may seem like they have the perfect life. But some celebrities are hiding secrets they wish we never knew. Here are a few.

Jack Nicholson found out later in life that his sister was his biological mother

Now that’s a jaw-dropping story. Jack Nicholson was raised by what he believed to be his parents. He had a 17-year-old sister named June when he was born. It was after her “parents” died that June revealed that she was actually Jack’s mother. His parents were actually his grandparents. They kept it a secret due to the stigma associated with June’s underage pregnancy.

Sofia Vergara’s family has a history of drug addiction and murder

Vergara looks like a ray of sunshine. His smile is contagious. It can easily light up the room. But all is not as good as it seems. Sofia Vergara’s brothers are victims of drug addiction and violence. In 1989, his older brother was killed in a failed kidnapping attempt. His younger brother Julio slowly descended into drug addiction until he was finally deported to Columbia in 2011.

Woody Harrelson’s father was the most infamous hitman of the 20th century

Woody Harrelson, many would agree, is a talented guy with nearly limitless potential. His acting skills are already legendary. But how many of you know that Woody Harrelson’s father, Charles Harrelson, was the most notorious hitman of the last century? Charles Harrelson committed the first recorded murder of a federal judge. He once killed a carpet salesman over a disagreement for just $1,500.

Rihanna’s father had a secret second family she knew nothing about

The Anti singer woke up one day and came to a shocking truth. Her beloved father was not only a drug addict and alcoholic, he was also a sex addict. Ronald Fenty had two daughters and a son he never told Rihanna about.

Kathy Griffin was sexually exploited by her own brother

Kathy Griffin seems to be all about laughs and smiles. But never judge a book by its cover. Her autobiography – My Life On The D-List, details how her brother was sexually inappropriate with her. This led to long-term trauma that she still faces. Kenny Griffin was later sent to prison for physically abusing his wife and died there.

Richard Pryor was raised in a brothel

The comedian was the son of a prostitute who raised him in his mother’s house which also served as a brothel. When his mother abandoned him, Pryor was raised by his abusive grandmother. Richard Pryor’s father was an absentee and a hustler. Luckily, the little guy managed to turn a life of pain into comedy.

Mariah Carey’s bipolar disorder forced her to sell her body

The famous singer’s sister has suffered from bipolar disorder for decades. It gave her a very dark secret to keep. She was sometimes arrested for prostitution. She once told a few officers to let her go and in return she would give them a “sweet, sweet fantasy”. It was also revealed that she is HIV positive.

Rose McGowan was raised by a sex cult

Rose McGowan is a famous actress who likes her past to remain hidden. Apparently she was raised by a sex cult called the Children of God. Her parents and the rest of the cultists believed in free love. She saw rampant sexual abuse and mistreatment of women. She left when she was a teenager.

RDJ’s father forced him to become a drug addict

Robert Downey Junior’s drug-filled life nearly destroyed his career and personal life. It was his father, Robert Downey Senior, who first forced his 8-year-old son to use drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, both men are sober now and regret their past actions.

Charlize Theron saw her mother kill her father and walk without tape for ‘self-defence’ reasons

Theron grew up on a farm in South Africa. One fine night, his father hit his mother. She fought back and her father died instantly. Gerda Theron was never charged. Charlize Theron rarely talks about the incident.

Jackie Chan’s father was a Chinese spy

Chan inherits his talent for taking risks from his parents. His mother was an infamous drug lord. Her father was a secret agent working for the Nationalist Guard. The two met when her father arrested Chan, then soon to be a mother, for drug possession.