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11 Hollywood Actors Who Got Their Luck in Music Videos—Kerrang!

Long before his hapless meth cook Jesse Pinkman met the Machiavellian Heisenberg in AMC’s Amazing Breaking Bad, Idaho native Aaron Paul Sturtevant showed up alongside Bakersfield nu-metal icons, Korn. The second single from their fifth album Untouchables, Thoughtless is a punchy atmospheric epic. Its Hughes Brothers-directed music video matches, giving Stephen King’s Carrie a millennial twist, with the 22-year-old Aaron protagonist tormented by bullies in the halls of his high school. Rather than go on a telekinetic killing spree, however, his tormentors’ punishment must be more severe… Showing up to prom with a devilishly handsome date (Penthouse model Aimee Sweet), the actor proceeds to douse his attackers with a literal torrent of bile – a vomit shot that is both nightmarish and hilarious today, echoing the infamous vomit scene in Team America: World Police. It’s an unforgettably weird, commendable work of NSFW all the same, and while he also starred in Everlast’s less interesting White Trash Beautiful music video, we like to think it’s this Korn music video that really stood out. set Aaron’s award-winning career in motion. .