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12 Hollywood movies that will never see the light of day

Filmmaking is anything but a simple process. There are a myriad of steps involved, and sometimes movies get stuck in progress and never see the light of day – or rather, our screens.

Hollywood movies go through four stages:

In the box : The film has been shot and edited and is awaiting a release date.

Production: Currently filming.

Pre-production : The film got the “green light”. Now he gets all the ducks in a row.

Development: Catch-all term for “We’re still thinking about it”.

But there is actually a fifth scene, and if the movie project ends here, he’s dead and buried, with no chance of shooting a Lazarus. They call it development hell. (Think of anything associated with Johnny Depp.)

Here are 12 films that fell into this category:

1. Fiddler on the Roof – Part 2: Tevya Strikes Back

Steven Spielberg was attached to direct, with Mel Gibson to star. Then Mel launched an anti-Semitic rant so shocking that he was banned from every synagogue on the planet.

2. Fast and Furious, the musical

Fast cars, great singing and fabulous dancing – what’s not to love?

3. white panther

A young skinhead dreams of becoming a superhero who only saves right-wing Christians.

4. Florida Man

Biopic of a young Ron DeSantis, and the terrifying childhood clown attack that drove him into politics instead of joining the circus.

5. Angels in the backfield

Decades before Disney’s Angels in the outfield, it is about a football player who died just after being drafted. When OJ Simpson went from the “It” list to the “Most Wanted” list, he was dropped.

6. Sam and Ella

The seafood market workers fall madly in love, but pre-existing conditions keep them apart.

seven. The Fairy Godmother

Meryl Streep can play any role – except a lesbian mafia crime boss.

8. Hostel, a love story

Love at first cry!

9. smelly group

A Wild West sheriff with a lisp and his two deputies who live on a pig farm.

ten. Principle

Oh wait, they made this movie. We would like to know why!

11. Trumplestiltskin

After a narcissistic hotel magnate runs for president and loses, he alleges voter fraud and demands that all Democrats name their firstborn child after him, regardless of gender.

12. Transcontinental Express

A coming-of-age tale of three teenage brothers, all becoming girls, learning about life and love on a month-long European rail adventure.

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