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10 Hollywood actors of Nigerian descent

Nigerian actors in Hollywood The American entertainment industry, Hollywood, has many black celebrities of African descent, especially Nigerians. Here is a list of Nigerians who were either born in Nigeria and raised overseas, born and raised outside the country, or have one or both Nigerian parents. Cynthia Erivo Cynthia Erivo A British-Nigerian actress, singer and […]

Hollywood actors

James Dean’s CGI Resurrection Raises Questions About The Dignity Of Hollywood’s Deceased Actors

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The men bringing James Dean back to life for an upcoming film are aiming to not only give his digital likeness a role, but a whole new career. Dean scheduled appearance in the Vietnam War film “Finding Jack”, and the possibility of future parts, comes as digital aging and dubbing of […]

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Artist Turns Hollywood Celebrities Into Disney Characters Live

With the popularity of Disney’s live-action remakes today, it’s no surprise to see fans speculating about the next movie. Whether it’s a reimagining of Hercules or a revamped version of Moana, it’s exciting to see what the famed production house will come up with in the years to come. But before we can hear about […]

Hollywood actors

5 Wrestlers Who Became Great Hollywood Actors (& 5 Who Failed)

Pro Wrestling is a form of entertainment centered around great performances. While not acting in the most traditional sense of the art, each wrestler does an amazing acting job every time they perform in a match or promo. RELATED: 10 Absolutely Crazy Movies Starring Professional Wrestlers You Didn’t Know About With that in mind, it’s […]

Hollywood actors

7 Hollywood actors who are also bass players

Hollywood actors turned musicians are nothing new. It’s not uncommon to see a budding celebrity pull out an acoustic guitar to play rudimentary chords in an effort to swoon their audience. But when it comes to a celebrity playing bass, that’s when we sit up and take notice. Because bassists are already a breed that […]