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12 Bollywood Actors Who Look So Much Like Hollywood Actors We’re Simply Deceived

If you had the chance, would you refuse to look our doppelganger in the eye? Probably not. Curiosity gets the better of us when presented with opportunities that promise exciting results. Now, since people are saying that at least six other people, besides us, can be our doppelgangers in this world, and to research confirmed […]

Hollywood actors

10 Hollywood actors of Nigerian descent

Nigerian actors in Hollywood The American entertainment industry, Hollywood, has many black celebrities of African descent, especially Nigerians. Here is a list of Nigerians who were either born in Nigeria and raised overseas, born and raised outside the country, or have one or both Nigerian parents. Cynthia Erivo Cynthia Erivo A British-Nigerian actress, singer and […]

Hollywood actors

James Dean’s CGI Resurrection Raises Questions About The Dignity Of Hollywood’s Deceased Actors

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The men bringing James Dean back to life for an upcoming film are aiming to not only give his digital likeness a role, but a whole new career. Dean scheduled appearance in the Vietnam War film “Finding Jack”, and the possibility of future parts, comes as digital aging and dubbing of […]

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Artist Turns Hollywood Celebrities Into Disney Characters Live

With the popularity of Disney’s live-action remakes today, it’s no surprise to see fans speculating about the next movie. Whether it’s a reimagining of Hercules or a revamped version of Moana, it’s exciting to see what the famed production house will come up with in the years to come. But before we can hear about […]

Hollywood actors

5 Wrestlers Who Became Great Hollywood Actors (& 5 Who Failed)

Pro Wrestling is a form of entertainment centered around great performances. While not acting in the most traditional sense of the art, each wrestler does an amazing acting job every time they perform in a match or promo. RELATED: 10 Absolutely Crazy Movies Starring Professional Wrestlers You Didn’t Know About With that in mind, it’s […]

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7 Hollywood actors who are also bass players

Hollywood actors turned musicians are nothing new. It’s not uncommon to see a budding celebrity pull out an acoustic guitar to play rudimentary chords in an effort to swoon their audience. But when it comes to a celebrity playing bass, that’s when we sit up and take notice. Because bassists are already a breed that […]