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Sunrise Host David ‘Kochie’ Koch Reveals The Worst Hollywood Celebrities He’s Ever Interviewed

David ‘Kochie’ Koch has interviewed hundreds of celebrities over his 18 years hosting Australia’s most popular breakfast show, Sunrise. And while reflecting on his encounters with Hollywood’s biggest stars, the 64-year-old ranked some of his notable interviewees from one to ten. speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show On Wednesday, Kochie sang the praises […]

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Why Jackie Chan doesn’t make Hollywood movies anymore

In the 90s and 2000s, Jackie chan was Hollywood’s most popular action star, starring one blockbuster franchise after another, from Peak hour at Shanghai Noon. But then the actor seemed to have a cooling off period as he was seen in fewer and fewer Hollywood movies. In a recent interview with Filmelier, Chan explained the […]

Hollywood celebrities

Hollywood celebrities before and after wearing wigs

Wearing wigs and toupees has become an everyday activity, especially in showbiz. While some celebrities have completely shaved their heads and embraced male pattern baldness, others are still trying to cover up the patches, using wigs, hairpieces, hair systems, implants, and more. So here is a list of Hollywood actors who use wigs to hide […]

Hollywood actors

10 highest paid Hollywood actors in 2020; ‘Bloodshot’ Star Vin Diesel Is No. 5 – CONAN Daily

Canada Wine Diesel “Bloodshot” Star Wine Diesel53, was on the list of Hollywood’s 10 highest paid actors of 2020, which was recently published by Forbes. The actor best known for his role as Dominic Toretto in “Fast and furious” films ranked fifth. ACTOR ETHNICITY AGE PROJECTS 2020 TOTAL RESULT 2020 movies TV shows 1. Dwayne […]

Hollywood celebrities

10 Hollywood celebrities who went completely bankrupt

It’s pretty hard to believe that even celebrities worth millions of dollars could run out of money. This was either the result of bad investments or unmanaged spending that wiped out the fortunes of some of the biggest stars and made them go bankrupt. Their lives often seem glamorous, but even the biggest celebrities have […]

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Hollywood locals and actors are on screen this weekend

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – Last year, film crews, Hollywood actors and even local talent brought the stages to life right here in Jonesboro. 12 hour shift been written and directed by Brea Grant. She got the idea for the film from stories she heard. “The idea came from growing up in a small town,” she […]