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Hollywood celebrities with famous godfathers you never guessed

It’s no secret that many celebrities have friends and family in high places, but there are Hollywood stars that you would never guess share a connection. From the Kardashians to the Osbournes, some of the world’s biggest celebrities are born and raised by those who are already in the limelight. But there are family ties […]

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Hollywood Actors in COVID-19 Vaccine Scramble: “It’s the Hunger Games”

As coronavirus vaccines spread across the country and new infections and deaths rise at an alarming rate in cities like Los Angeles, some powerful entertainment and media players are leveraging their influence and skills. relationships to be among the first to get vaccinated. Many high-flying executives and negotiators have used private doctors and concierge services […]

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From Matt Damon to Zac Efron, Hollywood stars are heading to Australia. The same goes for their lucrative movie projects

If Hollywood history were a movie, 2020 would be the dark night of the soul – the moment when all hope seems lost. In North America, last year saw the lowest number of movie tickets sold per capita in at least 40 years, if not a century. And as the coronavirus situation has steadily worsened, […]

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12 Bollywood & Hollywood Movies With Powerful Star Actors Streaming On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Disney + Hotstar

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video Knives Out (2019) Contents This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originates. When the patriarch of a wealthy family dies under mysterious circumstances, master detective Benoit Blanc is called in to investigate the murder. The highly entertaining film is a treat from start to finish, […]

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Best Highest Budget Hollywood Movies of All Time

This list is about the best, highest-budget Hollywood movies of all time. I will do my best to make sure you understand this guide very well. Hope you all like the list of the best, highest budget Hollywood movies of all time. The Best Highest-Budget Hollywood Movies of All Time 72 actions The Hollywood film […]

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10 great Hollywood movies currently filming during the pandemic

The COVID pandemic has challenged many projects and impacted millions of jobs around the world. The movie industry is no different. Everything was shut down in March, and although some productions continue to be delayed, many others have resumed under strict COVID protocols. RELATED: 10 Pandemic Movies That Are Genuinely Reassuring The film industry is […]

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20 Hollywood movies that shot major scenes in India

As much as we love watching Bollywood movies set in exotic foreign locations, it’s equally exciting to spot Indian locations in a Hollywood film. So here are some Hollywood movies that were partly shot in India. 1. Principle – Bombay The long-awaited film by Christopher Nolan, Principle was the first to hit theaters amid the […]

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From Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans to Michael B Jordan, the Hollywood actors who smartly went from flop superhero flicks to blockbuster movies

Hollywood actors from Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans to Michael B Jordan who made a smart move from flop superhero movies to hit movies Are you also a fan of superhero movies? Who is your favourite? Captain America, Deadpool or something else? Well, before you start thinking about it, do you know that these famous […]

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Hollywood celebrities react to violence from Capitol Hill: Hell doesn’t have fury like a despised narcissist, Sean Penn says

Celebrities took to social media to condemn the violence and chaos on the U.S. Capitol grounds on January 6. A faction of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday during the vote count for the Electoral College of US President-elect Joe Biden. It came shortly after Donald Trump established himself as the winner of […]

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5 Hollywood celebrities who beat obesity and triumphed, listed by Dr. Guillermo Alvarez

Obesity is a problem not confined to ordinary people; celebrities are also experiencing it and finding ways to lose weight. Dr. Guillermo Alvarez is a bariatric surgeon who encourages obese people to lose weight and closely follows the journeys of those who do, including celebrities. Dr. Alvarez has dedicated his life to helping patients struggling […]