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3 most moving scenes from Hollywood movies

There are scenes after watching that you can’t help but sob. These scenes make you emotional and force you to lose control over your tears. They manage to touch your gross nerve. While Bollywood movies are known to be filled with emotion and drama, there are also plenty of Hollywood movies that make you cry. Some of these movies include The Pursuit Of Happyness, Dead Poets’ Society, The Fault In Our Stars, etc.

So we havee for you a specially curated list of the most moving scenes from different Hollywood movies. Make sure you keep a box of tissues with you when you look at them!

The pursuit of happiness

There’s a scene where Chris Gardner tries to spend the night in the bathroom with his son sleeping on his lap. When the son falls asleep, someone knocks on the bathroom door and Chris Gardner tries to hold the door with his leg crying helplessly and desperately waiting for times to improve.

Blame it on our stars

This film is known to be a very moving and romantic film. Without a doubt, one of the most moving scenes in this movie is when Augustus Waters is stuck at the gas station in his car and desperately calls Hazel Grace to come and help him. When Hazel arrives, she sees that August is covered in her own vomit.

The Society of the Dead Poets

The scene in which John Keating is asked to leave the institution because his methods would be too unconventional for them and on the last day, the students in his class honor him with a standing ovation. They stand at the desks to let Keating know how much he means to them and how important him is in their lives.

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