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4 Hollywood Stars Who Said They’d Never Come To The MCU (And 3 Who Still Try Hard)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe employs some of the biggest and most famous Hollywood stars that have ever existed. But it’s not yet big enough for a few stars to notice. On the other hand, there are Hollywood stars who would do whatever it takes to jump on the MCU bandwagon.

The superhero genre can be a wild ride for any actor. It takes commitment and dedication. While some of the accomplished actors aren’t ready for it, some of them are more than willing to do it.

Don’t want: John Cho hates crazy superhero workout routine

John Cho Cowboy Bebop

John Cho has recently risen to fame after his Searching films and the Star Trek films helped him achieve international fame. The Harold & Kumar movie star said the reason he hates superhero movies and wouldn’t like to star in one is because it takes a lot of time to be in one. commitment. Besides insane gym routines to get you shredded, he likens multi-picture deals to “contract service deals.”

Wants: Norman Reedus is dying to play Ghost Rider

Norman Reed Ghost Rider
Norman Reedus The Walking Dead

Following his success in The Walking Dead franchise, Norman Reedus is gaining traction as fans’ first choice to play Johnny Blaze. He has fueled fan speculation by liking tweets and fan-made posters depicting him as the new Ghost Rider. Reedus once publicly stated this to Comicbook.com:

“The Ghost Rider conversation goes back years, and yes, tell them to put me in it.”

Doesn’t want to: Amanda Seyfried says stunts scare her

Amanda Seyfried ted 2
Amanda Seyfried Ted 2

The In Time and Ted 2 star is one of the hottest and most renowned actresses in the industry. Amanda Seyfried brings massive star power to any film project she comes to. But sadly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will never see her in their movies. That’s because Amanda Seyfried thinks being a part of such movies means she has to go through a lot of stunts again. She had already been there during the filming of Pan and she hated it.

Wants: John Krasinski thinks the MCU is ‘amazing’

John Krasinski Mister Fantastic
John Krasinski Mister Fantastic

For many years now, the star of A Quiet Place and The Office has been chosen by fans to play the new Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in the MCU. To be honest, we can’t find any other actor who looks and speaks the role better than Krasinski. While his wife Emily Blunt is still resisting the charms of Marvel Studios, Krasinski has practically given in. The actor has publicly stated that the Marvel world is “amazing” and it’s an honor that Marvel fans even consider him for a role.

Doesn’t want: Reese Witherspoon has no interest in the superhero genre

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is an actor no one can ever hate. She’s like a blonde version of Keanu Reeves. Her eccentric acting skills would make anyone fall in love with her. Once the queen of romantic comedies, she starred in films like Sweet Home Alabama and Just Like Heaven. But the Oscar-winning actor wants nothing to do with the genre because it doesn’t intrigue him. Despite the indifference, she still supported Captain Marvel as the MCU’s first female-led superhero movie.

Wants: Halle Berry wants to see Storm again

Storm Halle Berry
Storm Halle Berry

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Halle Berry talked about her role in X-Men and if she ever had the opportunity to play Ororo Munroe again:

” I liked everything [Storm and Catwoman] and I’ve always been grateful to be able to play them and be part of these great franchises, you know? So I would come back to any of them.

Don’t want to: Jon Hamm hates getting into projects he has no idea about

Jon Hamm Superhero Movies
Jon Hamm

The Baby Driver actor has been considered for far too many superhero roles. From Batman to Deathstroke, Doctor Strange. and Superman, Hamm turned down one major superhero role after another. The reason being:

“You have no idea what they’re going to be and all the crossings you’re going to have to do.”