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5 Best Hollywood Actors Who Are Not On Social Media

5 Best Hollywood Actors Who Are Not On Social Media

Written by
Pallabi C Samal

05 March 2022, 16:16
2 minute read

Mila Kunis (left) and Daniel Radcliffe (right).

These days, social media has become a reliable space for celebrities to advertise their lives, both professionally and personally.

Whenever they need to post something or make a new announcement, they go to their online space to do the same.

But there are plenty of notable Hollywood actors who don’t believe in living a life on social media.

Here we list the top five.

George Clooney is not on any social media platform. No he’s not!

He has a solid reason for this “abstinence”.

He once said, “I like a drink in the evening, I could easily say something stupid… I don’t think you need to be that available either. I don’t see myself.. .wanting to get (my) thoughts in a 140 character thing at 3am.”

Cate Blanchett is next on that list.

The Oscar-winning Australian actor has repeatedly criticized celebrities who “live their lives through social media”.

“All that’s developed with streaming – algorithms that need to be fed – is that we’re sort of content providers and that makes me want to vomit… Don’t say anything unless you don’t. have something to say.”

Daniel Radcliffe once admitted in an interview that when he was younger he used to “look for comments about myself on the internet”, which was “crazy”.

“To me…Twitter and all of that kind of feels like an extension of that. Unless I keep reading all the good stuff about myself, which also feels like another kind of unhealthy thing to do .”

Mila Kunis, who is currently busy campaigning for her native Ukraine amid the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, does not believe in virtual life.

About this trait, the actor once noted that while social media is supposed to help people connect, lately it’s become a platform to show “who can be the loudest… the most angry and the most negative”.

Even though Kristen Stewart isn’t on social media, she made an exception in 2020 when she took over her partner’s Instagram.

And she did it to get people to vote.

“I never do this, but for everyone who hasn’t registered to vote, please take this opportunity to feel HEARD…I’m voting because I WANT to believe in our country.”