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5 Hollywood actors who are also exceptional dancers

5 Hollywood actors who are also exceptional dancers

January 19, 2022 at 7:29 p.m.
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Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston are known for their tap dancing skills

Hollywood movies don’t really have dance and song routines like Bollywood movies.

But Hollywood has produced movies or musicals that have surprised us with incredible dance presentations.

For example, Channing Tatum’s performance in the 2006 film Intensify and the magic mike the series are exceptional.

With that in mind, let’s see which are the top five actors who are also great dancers.

When he’s not throwing webs, we can see Tom Holland getting into a dance or two. That’s how passionate he is about art.

The star is a trained ballet dancer and has shown her skills in west end.

He also faced “harassment from his peers” for his fondness for dancing, but “you couldn’t hit me hard enough to stop me from doing it,” he claims.

Atta boy!

Tom Hiddleston

In addition to charming us as Loki, Tom Hiddleston also won us over with his dancing skills.

And he’s a spontaneous dancer.

Need proof? Check out her dancing with Tilda Swinton at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival or tell her dance battle with Zachary Levi at the premiere of Thor: The Dark World in Los Angeles.

He even grooved for Bedi remix!

Penelope Cruz

The salsa skills of Penelope Cruz in Christmas left us speechless.

In the 2004 film, starring the late Paul Walker, the Spanish actress showed off her fluid movements, while wearing pencil heels!

Her LBD (Little Black Dress) added more punch to this appearance.

Cruz may not have danced much on celluloid, but she lost her postpartum weight by doing ballet and other forms of dance.

Hugh Jackman
Image source: Shutterstock

Our favorite Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has always loved to dance and it’s reflected in his outstanding portrayal of PT Barnum in the visual spectacle called The greatest showman.

In an interview, the star shared that at the age of 11 he almost gave up dancing after his older brother said it was for those who are effeminate or cowardly.

We’re so glad he didn’t!

Catherine Zeta Jones
Scene from ‘Chicago’

There’s a reason Catherine Zeta-Jones is called a dance goddess.

The Oscar-winning actor dropped out of school at 15 to join touring music production, The pajama game.

Zeta-Jones played the female lead in the musical 42nd street as a teenager and also studied musical theater in London, before making a foray into Hollywood.

She even has a dance bar in her gym.