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5 Hollywood Actors Who Auditioned For The Role Of Captain Jack Sparrow Before Johnny Depp

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Johnny Deep wasn’t the first choice to play Jack Sparrow

Hollywood star Johnny Depp is an incredible actor. Time and time again, he has proven his acting abilities with his stellar performances on the big screen. The actor has also been nominated for the Oscar three times. He is best known for playing Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film series. This series of films is loved by the public and has also won good numbers at the box office every time. But did you know that your favorite Johnny Depp wasn’t the first choice to play the role? Yes, before Johnny Deep, these actors auditioned for the role. Looked!

Hugh Jackman

Actor Hugh Jackman is said to have been director Tim Burton’s ultimate choice. But the directors did not choose him for the main role because at the time he had only made one film called “X-Men” and a few small projects.

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Hugh Jackman

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jim carrey

Actor Jim Carrey, who is known for ‘The Mask’, ‘Liar Liar’ and ‘Yes Man’ among other films, is said to have auditioned for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. But, he turned down the role because his dates clashed with his 2003 film Bruce Almighty.

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jim carrey

Matthew McConaughey

The filmmakers also considered actor Matthew McConaughey for the brilliant role of Captain Jack Sparrow. According to reports, McConaughey was a popular face during this era and also bore a similar resemblance to Burt Lancaster, who played the classic role of a pirate.

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Mattew McConaughey

Michael Keaton

Actor Michael Keaton also auditioned for the lead role of Jack Sparrow. The actor is known for ‘Birdman’, ‘American Assassin’ and ‘The Founder’ among many others. But, why he didn’t get the role is still unknown.

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Michael Keaton

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robert de niro

Yet another movie star, Robert De Niro, was also offered the famous role in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. But, a few reports claim that the actor turned down the role because he didn’t believe the movie would be successful at the box office.

India Tv - Robert De Niro

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robert deniro

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