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5 Hollywood Actors Who Could Be WWE Superstars

In the world of WWE, you have to be versatile enough to be both a great athlete and a performer.

Over the years, we’ve seen WWE Superstars move on to Hollywood, whether it’s Jesse Ventura, who didn’t have time to bleed, or Roddy Piper when he was fresh out of chewing gum.

Then someone by the name of Dwayne Johnson came out and took over Hollywood. He went from champion of the squared circle to toast of Tinsel Town.

What if it was the other way around? Which TV, movie and entertainment stars could become professional wrestlers? Here are a few names that come to mind.

#5 – Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie as Thena in The Eternals
Angelina Jolie as Thena in The Eternals

The grave robber The actress has already shown her assets as an action star and a sex symbol. With her pouty lips and no-nonsense attitude, she could be the ultimate “bad girl” in sports-entertainment.

Even at 47, she still looks great and stays in great shape. With her commanding screen presence, she could be as influential in the wrestling world as she has been in Hollywood.

His finisher (appropriately) should be Tombstone Piledriver.

#4 – Ryan Reynolds

With his quick wit and comedic timing, Ryan Reynolds would be an excellent manager in pro wrestling. In the vein of Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, he can dart you with speed but keeps you laughing all the time.

Between making movies and running Mint Mobile, he could take WWE as a side job. This multi-talented man could fulfill many roles as a character in the stratosphere of sports entertainment.

#3 – Vin Diesel could be a special enforcer

🎂 No matter how fast you are, age always catches up with you in the end. Happy 55th birthday, — @VinDiesel! #FASTX https://t.co/SDLUB6aclY

Let’s be honest…Vin Diesel looks like he can knock anyone down. Anyone who’s seen this too-cool-for-school action hero in The Fast and Furious knows he’s a villain.

That’s why he would be perfect as a special guest referee or “enforcer” for a titanic match. He could fill a role similar to the one Mike Tyson had at WrestleMania XIV.

It would be interesting to see Vin Diesel in a WWE ring and see him put the pedal back to the metal.

#2 – Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci.
Joe Pesci.

Well, thank goodness TV-14 is coming back because if anyone knows how to cut a scathing promo, it’s Joe Pesci.

The crude star of Freedmen and Casino could probably grab the mic as manager and tear everyone apart.

If you can bottle his energy and turn it on the wrestling audience, it might sound like Andy Kaufmann was in Memphis – hated for all the right reasons.

Great actors are a lot like great wrestlers. They can bring out our genuine emotions and root you for the right guy to win.

This means that someone has to be the bad guy; Pesci is the guy who makes you laugh and hates him at the same time.

#1 – Jason Momoa Could Team Up With Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

The similarities are disturbing.
The similarities are disturbing.

Let’s face it, Roman and Momoa seem to have been separated at birth. Their resemblance to each other is uncanny.

It would be amazing to see Aquaman team up with The Bloodline to solidify them as the premier sports-entertainment family. Like long-lost brothers, the pair could rule wrestling and Hollywood at the same time.

What a great story that would be. That’s what’s so wonderful about WWE and Hollywood. These are the places where stars go to live forever. And every day it’s lights, cameras, action.

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