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5 Hollywood celebrities who know more than one language

5 Hollywood celebrities who know more than one language

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Pallabi C Samal

March 11, 2022, 02:15
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Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston at the Paris premiere of ‘Thor: The Dark World’.

There are many celebrities in Hollywood who have an academic bent and a passion for learning a new language.

Of course, there are also those who have known more than one language since childhood due to their multicultural upbringing.

In this article, we will list five celebrities who know and can speak multiple languages. Note that we are not considering English here.

Tom Hiddleston is a charmer, both on and off screen. A master of many skills (check out his tap dancing videos), Hiddleston is also a certified multilingual.

The English actor can seduce you in no less than nine languages!

That’s right, our favorite Loki knows European Romance languages ​​like French, Italian, and Spanish, as well as Greek, some Russian, Latin, German, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese.

Natalie Portman is probably one of the few Hollywood actresses with a gift for studies.

The Academy Award winner is proud to hold a degree in psychology from Harvard University and knows languages ​​such as Spanish, French (conversational), German, Japanese and English. Hebrew.

Born to an Israeli father and an American mother, Portman spoke English and Hebrew growing up and learned the rest over the years.

Actress Jodie Foster also knows four languages: French, Italian, German and Spanish.

She’s super sweet with French and dubs all her English films into French without even taking any help.

The two-time Oscar winner has also starred in numerous French films, where she says her own lines and that’s thanks to her attendance at a French-language prep school since she was three years old.

Sandra Oh is the fourth entry on this list.

The Canadian-American actor knows three languages ​​in addition to English. Oh is fluent in Korean, French and Spanish.

She reportedly learned French while studying at the National Theater School of Canada in Montreal, Quebec.

While receiving an award from her theater school in 2009, Oh spoke to the Radio-Canada (CBC) reporter entirely in French.

Christoph Waltz is bilingual since we do not consider English here.

The two-time Oscar-winning actor is fluent in French and German.

“I grew up speaking German in Austria, then I learned English and French, then I took this fake Italian accent (sic),” he once said.

We even got a sample of his “false Italian accent” in Inglourious Basterds.