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5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Received Undeserved Hate

5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Received Undeserved Hate

07 June 2022, 01:15
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These five Hollywood celebrities have received some undeserved hate. (Photo credit: Twitter/@taylorswift13)

Due to the demands of their profession, celebrities live virtually under public surveillance 24/7.

From their red carpet appearances to their tweets and interviews to love lives, it’s all duly unpacked. One minor slip and they become a Twitter trend overnight.

Hollywood celebrities frequently invite unwarranted hatred that often rests on shaky foundations.

Let’s dive in and look at five such examples.

The 18-year-old exemplifies someone who is world famous but not loved enough.

While she became a rage on social media when stranger things Season 1 dropped, her popularity quickly plummeted, and she was targeted for “not acting her age” and “looking like a 40-year-old woman in a teenage body.”

Her relationship with singer ex-boyfriend Jacob Sartorius has also become a hot topic.

Although the singer-songwriter enjoys a loyal fan base, called the Swifties, all has not been perfect for the Delighted singer.

Infamous for releasing songs about her romantic relationships, she was ruthlessly targeted for putting her private life on a public shelf.

Haters also think listening to her makes her a “basic” and that she’s an “average” and “overhyped” singer at best.

The boy who lived is not the boy who is loved, it seems.

The Harry Potter star has come under scrutiny for “not connecting with fans enough” as he is not on any social media platform.

People also think that his early success altered his personality.

Moreover, his decision not to return to any potential resume spin-off was viewed negatively by several people.

He’s a classic case of someone people love to hate.

Who can forget Headey’s haunting performance as the intimidating Cersei Lannister in game of thrones?

The Emmy-nominated actor drew the ire of viewers for “being mean,” a prime example of the inability to tell the difference between actor and character.

A journalist once told her: “You are really disappointing in real life”.

The spencer the actor’s popularity exploded from an early age.

However, Dusk fans thought she only existed to propel the story of her better half, and her character lacked gravity and was completely one-dimensional.

In Hollywood media circles, she has often been referred to as a “rude” celebrity who scowls all the time!

She was once called “the most hated woman in Hollywood”.