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5 Weird Habits of Hollywood Actors That Will Shock You

5 Weird Habits of Hollywood Actors That Will Shock You

January 3, 2022 at 6:04 p.m.
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Celebrities have weird, often cringe-worthy habits, too

Hollywood stars are considered no less than demigods, but once you learn about their weird and often goofy habits, you realize they’re human beings too.

Many of these stars follow bizarre rituals, some extremely unpleasant, like Megan Fox not flushing the toilet after draining or Brad Pitt not using soap while bathing.

With that in mind, we list the top five.

Tom Cruise uses bird poo to maintain his skin

Apparently superstar Tom Cruise doesn’t need botox treatment to look young.

He loves the natural and for that the 59-year-old has a bird to thank, does his shit.

Because that’s what he applies to his face: a mixture of powdered nightingale droppings, rice bran and water.

Called Geisha Facial, this Japanese treatment is known as Uguisu no fun (or nightingale poo).

Super sexy ‘Transformers’ star Fox has an extremely nasty habit

When Megan Fox appeared in Transformersjust like Shia LaBeouf’s character, we were also amazed because she was so hot (remember the way she bends over while repair the car?).

But you wouldn’t want her as a roommate.

Apparently, Fox often forgets to flush the toilet and leaves his clothes on the floor.

Indeed, the actress had confessed to being “a horrible roommate”.

Brad Pitt Doesn’t Use Soap While Bathing and Here’s Why

Brad Pitt, the name that epitomizes sex appeal, has an aversion to basic cleanliness.

The star apparently avoids applying soap while bathing because of the “toxins” it contains, which he says will make him age faster.

The 58-year-old also believes soaps are bad for the climate.

As a result, he uses a combination of apple cider vinegar, lemon, and water, or just wipes.

This is the reason for Sandra Bullock’s beaming face

Sandra Bullock is very demanding on what she applies to her skin.

the Speed star wards off her fine lines and wrinkles by using a prescribed hemorrhoid cream.

She calls it her “favorite beauty pageant secret.”

“I didn’t realize that putting hemorrhoid ointment on your face was acceptable in the beauty business. But apparently the butt cream helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes,” she says.

Jennifer Aniston taps outside the plane before boarding

Jennifer Aniston may have been the face of Emirates Airlines, but she’s actually a nervous passenger.

Before boarding a flight, she pats the outside of the plane, “for luck.” It doesn’t stop there.

“If I get on a plane, I always have to carry on with my right foot first. Someone told me to do it, and I can’t remember when it was,” she once said. .