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5 Worst Actor Performances by Famous Hollywood Actors

5 Worst Actor Performances by Famous Hollywood Actors

May 13, 2022, 01:05
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These 5 actors gave us terrible performances

Some of the best Hollywood actors of all time have given us the most cringe-worthy performances.

It could be the result of bad casting or just a bad attempt at the role, but some actors and their roles just didn’t turn out well.

Some actors have even won the Golden Raspberry Parody Awards for their terrible performances.

We list five such famous actors.

Halle Berry starred in catwoman which was published in 2004.

The over-the-top puns, weird cat behavior, and unnecessary licking were hard to watch.

She even won the Worst Actor Razzie Awards in 2005, which she accepted in person.

“I went there and I laughed at myself. I had a good time and then I set this thing on fire”, she had then commented.

Tom Cruise is famous for his Impossible mission franchise among other blockbusters he gave us.

But there was one movie in his career that was below average.

Cruise gave a tiring and exhausting performance in the 2017 film The Mummy.

The film earned him the Worst Actor Razzie award.

It was his third Razzie overall (others were for his performance or his chemistry with co-stars).

George Clooney missed the mark with batman and robin (1997).

Clooney’s Batman lacked the emotional quotient it desperately needed.

The actor even admitted in an interview with QG that batman and robin was “a terrible movie”.

He confessed that he was “terrible” and “sucked” in the adventure, but he also added that none of the elements of the film worked well.

Actor Clint Eastwood had already formed a Western “tough guy” image before appearing in Paint your wagon (1969).

The film posed a stark contrast to its otherwise tough and rugged image.

He played the role of a hopeless romantic who played guitar and sang love songs.

Critics, as well as Eastwood fans, strongly disliked the film.

Elysium (2013) starred Jodie Foster, who played Secretary of Defense Jessica Delacourt.

Foster did a poor job in this film, even though he has already made many brilliant films.

The awkwardness in Foster’s acting is hard to ignore, as is the poor British accent.

While the film’s premise was nothing short of absurd and utterly sexist, the performances were equally traumatic.