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5 Wrestlers Who Became Great Hollywood Actors (& 5 Who Failed)

Pro Wrestling is a form of entertainment centered around great performances. While not acting in the most traditional sense of the art, each wrestler does an amazing acting job every time they perform in a match or promo.

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With that in mind, it’s no surprise that some wrestlers make great actors on television and in film. However, there are still some who cannot find exactly the skills needed to transfer. Here are five wrestlers who made it big in Hollywood and five who failed.

ten FLOP: Aron Stevens

Formerly Damien Sandow while in WWE, the popular heel left the company in 2016 after a failed face push. He then had a short run at Impact, but a year later he had quit wrestling all together. Stevens would publicly state that he was taking a break from wrestling to continue playing.

An unfortunate admission on his part, as he never had any notable roles during the time he was away from wrestling. Stevens bounced back between a few small games but was never the leader of anything. Now back and having a great run on NWA: Power, the question has been asked whether Stevens returned to wrestling because he was ready to get back in the ring, or because he felt like he was not succeeding as an actor? Maybe a bit of both.

9 BIG: Jesse Ventura

Jesse “The Body” Ventura would find cult success for two staples of ’80s sci-fi. First, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ventura traded his beefy cast of fellow wrestlers for a beefy cast of actors in Predator. Ventura is well known to fans of the classic film for its chicken tongue and massive machine gun.

Next, Ventura would team up with Schwarzenegger to The running man. A violent game show action movie set in a future dystopia. Ventura would stand out in both movies, even with the biggest action star of the day as a co-star.


8 FLOP: Hulk Hogan

Now, it should be noted that Hogan has done a lot of movies. His popularity in the late ’80s and early ’90s was the stuff of dreams for most wrestlers and actors, but his movies were almost all underwhelming excuses for The Hulkster to act the way he did on TV.

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None of the movies feature a real performance and there’s a reason nearly all of them were straight to DVD. While he certainly had some cinematic success to some extent, his movies were the equivalent of the WWE studio straight-to-DVD movies that come out these days, and Dolph Ziggler is definitely not going to make the list for superkicking Rusev in cop buddy movie. Countdown.

seven BIG: Roddy Piper

Basically the anti-Hogan when it comes to acting, Piper didn’t do many movies, but her performance in one was good enough for the wrestler to be remembered by moviegoers and fans alike. wrestling fans. When horror legend John Carpenter was cast in his next movie, he was told he couldn’t use Kurt Russell because he’d used him in his last three movies. Carpenter didn’t know who to replace Russell, until he went to Wrestlemania III and saw Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Carpenter was so impressed with Piper that he cast her and the result was They live. A cult classic action-horror movie about aliens sneakily taking over Earth. Piper gives an incredible performance as a crazed rebel determined to stop the invasion, one shotgun shell at a time.

6 FLOP: Triple H

Despite only having a few outings to go, Triple H has proven that his limited runs on camera are more than enough. After portraying a villain in Blade Trinity as well as a cop turned babysitter in the family comedy the chaperone, the wrestling legend has shown that he sticks out like a sore thumb regardless of the tone of the movie. Both performances are somewhat distracting and do everything to elevate a mediocre movie.

5 BIG: John Cena

The face of WWE for much of the 2000s had small stints in the film world throughout his career and over the past two years he has apparently decided to focus more on the acting side of things. .

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The move appears to be justified by both wrestling fans and non-wrestlers alike, after Cena had well-received performances in a slew of comedic films like Blockers, Sisters, and Railway accident. Although he may have started acting with the WWE-produced action movie Marine, it looks like directing his own studio comedy is the next step for Cena.

4 FLOPPED: The Big Show

The world’s greatest athlete has starred in a surprising number of films. Having been a small actor in a slew of movies that required a big man, he also had bigger roles like the lead role in the WWE produced movie. Knucklehead. Sadly, her starring role is in a movie that’s almost completely forgettable.

While Hollywood probably won’t call Show for any big upcoming roles, at least he’s had some minor successes, and he’ll always claim to be Santa Arnold’s behemoth who fights in Jingle All the Way.

3 BIG: Dave Bautista

The animal has made a name for himself over the past two years as an actor to be taken seriously. After a few small roles in films like The man with the iron fists and Ridick, the former heavyweight champion rose to acting stardom when he played Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Now, after a sequel and appearances in two Avengers movies, Bautista is getting his own vehicles with action comedies like Stuber and the next My spy. It looks like the star will be appearing in movies for the foreseeable future, and with good reason.

2 FLOP: Goldberg

WCW’s biggest star made a few attempts to bring his stardom to the big screen, but never really found any notable success. He had decent bit parts in The longest yard and Universal soldier: the return, neither of which resulted in anything major.

Goldberg’s only notable starring role would be as a demonic killer Santa in the cult horror-comedy The Santa Claus Massacre. While the role is fun and memorable, it falls far short of what many would consider a typical Hollywood hit.

1 GREAT: The Rock

Arguably, the biggest movie star on the planet is an obvious number one on the list. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became one of wrestling’s biggest stars during WWE’s Attitude Era and it was clear he was ready for even bigger things. Before leaving wrestling to focus on movies, Johnson did a number of small roles in TV shows, and of course, his infamous role as the Scorpion Centaur in the sequel. The Mummy.

Now, after retiring from in-ring competition, Johnson is a successful leading man, acting in several big-budget movies a year. Johnson’s movie career shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, and while that means he probably won’t be in very many wrestling rings, pro wrestling fans can still say they got him. first.

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