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6 celebrity documentaries to watch now

Here are six (and a few more) celebrity documentaries to air this season.

If there’s one thing that will last for centuries, it’s our (perhaps) relentless fascination with the stars. Celebrities, that is. Hollywood actors, great musicians, sports legends – we love getting an inside look at their lives. Are they like us? What have we missed in their life? Here’s our roundup of the best (relatively new) celebrity documentaries streaming right now.

A still of Demi Lovato: Dances with the Devil, courtesy of YouTube

What happened, Brittany Murphy? (2021)

Fame: Brittany Murphy | Where to look? HBO Max

Brittany Murphy was best known for her romantic comedies like clueless and trendy girls but her life was much darker – she died aged 32, with the official cause of death deemed serious pneumonia, anemia (iron deficiency) and “polydrug addiction”. This true-crime documentary promises to investigate the rumors of erratic behavior and drug use that plagued Murphy towards the end of his life – as well as shed new light on his final days.

Controlling Britney Spears (2021)

Fame: Britney Spear | Where to look? Hulu

Last month, Britney Spears’ father was suspended from the Guardianship of 13 years this controlled his life and finances – an arrangement that was notably brought to the attention of the public after the release of the Hulu documentary Framing Britney Spears in February of this year. Part of the The New York Times presents series, the timeline dive into the pop star’s rise to fame, and the unsettling media coverage and scrutiny that came with it, helped shine a light on the #FreeBritney movement. Many Britney-related documentaries have since been released (including Britney vs. Spears on Netflix and CNN Toxic: Britney Spears’ Battle for Freedom) but our pick is the follow-up journalistic episode on Hulu, Controlling Britney Spears.

Naomi Osaka (2021)

Fame: Naomi Osaka | Where to look? netflix

We love Naomi Osaka – the soft-spoken sports star is stunning, highly accomplished and a champion of mental health. This charming portrait of the biracial young tennis player explores her life on and off the court, from her defeat of legend Serena Williams in the 2018 US Open final to her Haitian and Japanese parentage and her life at home. House. An inside look at an extremely talented athlete, this one is well worth watching.

Demi Lovato: Dances with the Devil (2021)

Fame: Demi Lovato | Where to look? Youtube

Believe it or not, it was this documentary that inspired this article. A pillar of discussion in our office, Demi Lovato: Dances with the Devil is the equally serious and revealing sequel to their 2018 documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated (which is also available to watch on YouTube), shedding light on the former Disney star’s near-fatal drug overdose, their recovery and drug addiction, and other traumas from their past in the music and theater industry.

Billie Eilish: The World’s a Bit Blurry (2021)

Fame: Billie Eilish | Where to look? AppleTV+

When you look at teen music sensation Billie Eilish’s rapid journey from a single Soundcloud upload to a Grammys sweep (11 awards!), it’s no wonder she’s fiercely followed and consistently topping the charts. This documentary shows the genre-defying entertainer in his quieter moments, giving us a look at the face behind the superstar.

This is Paris (2020), Paris Hilton

Fame: Paris Hilton | Where to look? Youtube

You may have noticed an interesting trend among recent documentaries – films attempt to reveal a side of a much-scrutinized and misunderstood 2000s starlet. Paris Hilton is no stranger to media coverage, as a permanent tabloid and the star of so many reality shows. And that’s exactly why you should watch It’s Paris – which details his rise to fame, reveals the traumatic abuse of his childhood and his journey to healing.

(Hero and star image from ‘Framing Britney Spears’, image captured by Spears’ assistant, Felicia Culotta, behind the scenes of the ‘Lucky’ music video shoot in 2000, courtesy of FX)