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6 Hollywood movies rated 0% on Rotten Tomatoes | GQ India

The success of Hollywood films is subjective to taste. One person’s grimace is another’s masterpiece. Not when it comes to those Hollywood movies, however, which are at the bottom of the Rotten Tomatoes pile. These fascinating titles, through the ages, have united critics in their collective disgust. Of course, the filmmakers who directed these Hollywood films were noble and ambitious, but the real world is often harsh and honest. So in no particular order:

6 Hollywood movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes:

1. A thousand words (2012)

Of the Hollywood movies that have broken our hearts, this one shines as it was directed by comedy legend Eddie Murphy. The plot is simple: a shady literary agent will die if he utters more than a thousand words. Suffice to say that the critics had more than a thousand words to honor this masterpiece.

2. Cabin fever (2016)

A group of friends hide in the titular cabin in a forest only to encounter a virus that will literally eat them. While this Hollywood movie bombed in every way it could, we at least hope the cast and crew had a good jungle safari while filming.

3. Gotti (2018)

Another example of legends that get it wrong. This one stars a rather dark Hollywood movie darling, John Travolta, trying out the role of a real New York gangster. The film nearly broke the record of being nominated for Maximum Number of Razzies.

4. Kill hard (2020)

So are you a Die Hard fan? Try Hard Kill, with none other than Bruce Willis. Yes, it didn’t stop with Murphy and Travolta. There is a messy plot involving technology, code, the military, and like all bad things – kidnapping and ransom too.

5. The room of disappointments (2016)

Unintentionally funny, he clearly lived up to his title. This Hollywood film was billed as a “psychological horror” tale. A family moves into a new house in the country, and a woman sees terrifying visions of ghosts and goblets. Then the movie goes into the hardcore era with a 19th century plot for good measure.

6. The ridiculous 6 (2015)

Another one of those Hollywood films that has exploited the full potential of its title. Set in the Old West, six recruits and bank robbers discover they share a common father. As ridiculous as it sounds, watch this for the sheer hilarity of the extra storylines.