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7 celebrity stylists dressing young Hollywood stars in 2022

Young Hollywood has showcased its thoughtful approach to clothing at premieres and awards shows throughout 2021. If you paid attention, you’ve probably noticed that stars discussing their looks on the red carpet talk more than of the obvious, “Who are you wearing?” The younger generation has repeatedly shown that they care about the origin of their clothes and especially if they have historical significance or if they pay homage to an icon before them.

Of course, their stylists help bring such statements to life, researching to build an outfit that is representative of their clients’ identity and culture. More often than not, they are also looking for archival pieces that can be reused for an event, rather than buying new materials and leaving a carbon footprint. And, as the next seven stylists will tell you, championing emerging talent and supporting small brands that practice sustainable craftsmanship and an ethical corporate culture are of the utmost importance for the future.

We spoke to Laura Sophie Cox, Image Architect Law Roach, Ade Samuel, Tara Swennen, Zadrian + Sarah, Shalev Lavàn and Enrique Melendez about how they are fostering relationships with industry in 2022 and ensuring their clients – Zendaya, Kristen Stewart, Justine Skye, Lana Condor and Charlotte Lawrence, to name a few, are part of the collaboration. Another quality that brings them together? They’re less concerned with repetition of outfits, media scrutiny or best-dressed lists, and more excited to tell a story about their subject’s work through a look. On that note, click to find out how your favorite celebrities and models are ushering in a new era of red carpet, straight from their glam team.