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7 Hollywood Actors Who Have Written Works You May Have Seen

For some actors and actresses, honoring the silver screen alone isn’t enough. They also want to shape the way TV shows and movies play out by writing the scripts for themselves. These talented Hollywood stars have done well on screen and are doing just as well, if not better, behind the scenes. Here’s a look at seven Hollywood stars who also found success as screenwriters.


1 & 2. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Remember the 1997 movie Goodwill hunting? It’s about a brilliant mathematician, Will Hunting, who also has serious anger issues. As many of you know, Damon played Hunting and Affleck played Chuckie Sullivan. Interestingly, this touching story was also co-written by the couple. Indeed, according to IMDbthe film won two Oscars, one of which went to Damon and Affleck for Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.

The two didn’t stop there either. Damon also wrote the screenplays for Gerry and Promised land, while Affleck wrote the scripts for Gone baby gone and The city. He also has a project in pre-production: Live the night. In addition, The Hollywood Reporter writes that the duo is teaming up again to work on developing a Syfy drama, incorporated. They won’t write that script – brothers David and Àlex Pastor will – but it’s always nice to see the old team back.

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3. Danny Strong

Danny Strong was once recognized as Jonathan Levinson on buffy the vampire slayer and Doyle McMaster on Gilmore Girls. He has also appeared in a few other TV shows including Mad Men and Justified, but his real stardom came when he started writing film scripts. He first made a name for himself writing for HBO game changing – he won two Emmys – followed by Lee Daniel’s the butler. He was even more successful after writing the screenplay for Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1.

Loud said Weekly entertainment that he never imagined he would be so successful in writing. “I started writing to take my mind off my auditions. It was more of a hobby than a goal. I wasn’t going to get attached to my scripts; I was just going to try to do it separately. I wrote four screenplays in five years, then I finally sold my first project, a pitch for Tell,” he said.

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4. Emma Thompson

Thompson has appeared in a number of films, including a few of Harry Potter movies, stranger than fiction, A lot of noise for nothingand Men in Black 3. Although she continues to act – she has several films in post-production – she has also found success as a screenwriter. In fact, she has written the screenplays for several TV series and movies, some of which she has also acted in, including Sense and sensitivity, Nanny McPheeand The return of Nanny McPheeaccording to IMdb. The talented writer even won an Oscar for her adaptation of Sense and sensitivity.

More recently, Metro reports that Thompson has been hired to help polish the script for the third Bridget Jones movie. Many actors have had issues with the current script, and the producers are hoping that Thompson can step in and save the day. If history is any indicator, chances are it can turn this into a successful storyline.

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5. Justin Theroux

Before landing a notable role in Mulholland DriveTheroux also had roles in I killed Andy Warhol, American psycho, sex and the cityand Romy and Michèle’s high school reunion. You can currently find him on the small screen as Kevin Garvey on the HBO show Leftovers.

But there’s more to Theroux’s career than meets the eye. He is also an outstanding writer and is responsible for writing the screenplays for several popular Hollywood hits. Theroux wrote the scripts for Thunder in the tropics, iron man 2, Documentaryand rock of ages.