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7 Pre-CGI Tricks Used In Classic Hollywood Movies

7 Pre-CGI Tricks Used In Classic Hollywood Movies

Duration: 10:47

Before the widespread use of CGI, filmmakers used startling tricks and optical illusions to trick audiences. Early filmmakers like Georges Méliès could add a hidden cut to film a wide range of illusions. The creative composites featured an invisible character in 1933’s “The Invisible Man” and Moses parting the sea in “The Ten Commandments.” Artists literally painted over blueprints to expand sets in “Citizen Kane” and create fantasy worlds in “The Wizard of Oz.” While most of these methods are now obsolete, new technologies like the LED projection used in “The Mandalorian” and motion control cameras in 2020’s “The Invisible Man” build on these past methods. Check out Julie Turnock’s other writings on cinematic effects: https://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Reality-Technology-Blockbuster-Aesthetics/dp/0231163533 http://cup.columbia.edu/book/plastic- reality/ 9780231163521

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