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7 YouTube stars who broke into Hollywood movies

Some might be surprised by this, but YouTube stars are starting to get recognition from filmmakers. Many take their acting skills to the big screen, whether it’s small cameos or full roles. So which ones are among the lucky few? Here are seven YouTubers who made it to the big screen.

1. Jessica Rose (Lonely Girl 15) in I know who killed me

Source: 360 Pictures

The actress made headlines for playing a young girl named Bree who gets kidnapped in videos under the “LonelyGirl15” account on YouTube. Why was this a big deal? Because people thought the videos were real! She eventually starred in this movie where Lindsey Lohan plays a character who disappears and then reappears pretending to be another person.

2. Anna Akana in The ant Man

Anna Akana

Source: Anna Akana

The YouTuber tends to do sketches and short films on her channel. They became so popular that she finally starred in a Marvel movie! You can see the actress at the very end being one of many to help tell Luis’ long but very funny story in Ant-Man.

3. Kassem G in Transformers: Age of Extinction

Kassem G

Source: Kassem G.

You might recognize this YouTuber for his more raunchy comedy. He does a series called “California On” where he interviews beachgoers on various topics and “Going Deep” where he interviews porn actresses. He did in this big action movie where the Autobots try to escape a bounty hunter as one of the scientists.

4. Flula Borg in Perfect location 2


Source: Flula

The German YouTuber is known for his musical talent, so it’s no real surprise to his fans that he landed a big role in a musical movie. He plays Pieter, who is one of the lead singers of the Bellas’ rivals, “Das Sound Machine.”

5. Harley Morenstein in Defense

Harley Morenstein

Source: Demarest Films

You might recognize this bearded man from his YouTube talk show “Man Alive” or “Epic Meal Time” where they cook huge, crazy meals to devour on camera. He made a cameo in the Kevin Smith movie as an officer who checks Wallace Bryton (Justin Long) in Canada. He takes the time to tell her what do not do in the country, like telling Canadians that we don’t follow hockey.

6. Alex Anfanger (Nacho Punch) in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Alex Anfanger

Source: 20th Century Fox

The funny man has starred in movie parodies on his YouTube channel and gained recognition to the point of having a scene with Adam Scott. You quickly see him as one of the guys in Walter Mitty’s office who likes to make fun of him. The film then follows Walter (Ben Stiller) who goes on a trip around the world to save his job.

7. Taryn Southern (Taryn TV) in Los Angeles War


Source: Columbia Pictures

This YouTuber does everything from music videos with her covers to skits. She also made an appearance as a news anchor in the film starring Aaron Eckhart where the US Marines must fight off a global invasion.

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