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A History of Post-Credits Scenes in Hollywood Films

Over the past few years, we’ve seen countless Marvel fans wait for the expected post-credits scene to give them a glimpse of what’s to come in the MCU. Post-credits scenes are also known as credit cookies or stingers, and they refer to short clips that occur in the middle or end of the film’s credits. The concept has spread across genres, and these days you see it in almost every superhero movie. They can be used to give audiences a preview of a sequel or spin-off movie, or sometimes they’re used purely for creative purposes. With the rise in popularity of the post-credits scene, fans are always eager to see what the filmmakers come up with next.


The BatmanThe post-credits scene sent its viewers on a mission to trick the Riddler’s puzzles. It was a fascinating take on the post-credits scene, and it was refreshing to see the concept evolve. Of course, some are better than others, so audiences are likely to sit and watch the five-minute long credits. Over the years, the idea of ​​scenes appearing during or after the credits has evolved exponentially, and it has recently become very popular thanks to Hollywood film franchises. Let’s dive into the vast history of the post-credits scene.

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Where do the post-credits scenes come from?

In 1966, audiences saw the first post-credits scene in Phil Karlson The Silent Ones, with Dean Martin. The scene showed Matt Helm (Martin) surrounded by beautiful women, and hinted at his character’s return in future films. Although this may have been the first occurrence of the technique, the post-credits scenes gained popularity thanks to The Muppets. Post-credits scenes in The puppet movieas well as other films in The puppet franchise, consisted of characters breaking the fourth wall and sometimes telling the audience to go home in comedic fashion. From there, post-credits scenes began to be used more and more in comedy films throughout the 1980s. Famous films like Airplane! and Ferris Bueller’s day off used the technique as last-minute comic relief. Since then, the post-credits scene has spanned multiple genres.

How have the post-credits scenes evolved over the years?

Over the years, filmmakers have found that post-credits scenes can be useful for resolving character issues or even teasing what’s next in regards to a sequel. We’ve also started to see the technique used in different ways, like director Richard Linklater’s school of rock, where we get one last performance from the band as the credits roll. Similarly, The Wachowskis used the idea of ​​showing a trailer for Matrix Revolutions at the end of Matrix Reloaded. Additionally, post-credits scenes were also used to show twist endings. Pixar has started incorporating funny scenes in the middle of the credits in films such as The world of Nemo and The life of an insect. Several filmmakers used the credits to show bloopers that occurred during filming, and Pixar used this idea to create fake bloopers from their animated characters. Even video games such as Call of Duty began using post-credit scenes to add anticipation of future games to come in specific series.

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How are post-credits scenes widely used today?

Today, post-credits scenes are used constantly in horror and superhero franchises. We have seen the concept used in Conspiracy series, which hinted at an upcoming spinoff. At the same time, it gives the filmmakers the chance to deliver one last scare to the audience. As far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes, the post-credits scene has become a series staple, after Iron Man and iron man 2 teased the long-awaited film, The Avengers. Since then, we’ve seen the concept used at the end of virtually every Marvel movie due to the many sequels and spinoffs created in the series. Scenes usually introduce new villains or heroes to come in future films. At the same time, they are sometimes still used for comic relief, such as when the Avengers all ate at the shawarma restaurant after the epic Battle of New York. It looks like the post-credits scenes are here to stay, and fans are always eager to talk about the latest from their favorite movies.

While everyone has a busy life with responsibilities, sometimes it’s worth waiting an extra five minutes to see a possible post-credits scene. At the same time, you’re giving the countless people needed to make the film the respect they deserve by watching the end credits. If you watch a movie from one of your favorite franchises, you know you may have a clue of what’s next in the sequel. Post-credits scenes are extremely popular these days, and they’re being discussed more and more in entertainment news. The Batman showed us that the idea still has the potential to evolve into something new by giving the audience a task to complete once they get home. Don’t be the only one to miss a post-credits scene that all your friends will be talking about.

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