Hollywood movies

A quiz on popular Hollywood movies

1# An unnecessarily emotional film that forever left audiences wondering if a piece of stern floating on the vast Atlantic Ocean could have saved the drowning hero.

  • Titanic fault
  • Jawsfault

2# A superhero movie that reaffirms what I’ve been saying for ages: jokers aren’t funny!

  • This fault
  • The black Knightfault

3# Too many dreams collide in a movie that leaves everyone a little confused about science and other things.

  • Creation fault
  • Interstellarfault

4# A white boy’s date with sudden fame and a magic that makes him seem a bit narcissistic.

  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy fault
  • The Harry Potter Franchisefault

5# A flashback in the lives of two extremely boring young people who can’t make up their minds for each other.

  • Notebookfault
  • About timefault

6# A film that is only worth watching for that brief moment when their hands touched. If you know it, you know it.

  • Sense and sensitivity fault
  • Pride and Prejudicefault

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