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Amber Heard Fans Reveal Names of Hollywood Celebs Who Took Their Likes From Johnny Depp’s Instagram Post

Reports have reached Kossyderrickent that Amber Heard fans have revealed the names of Hollywood celebrities who took down their likes from Johnny Depp’s Instagram post. (Read more here).

Taking to social media, Kamilla (alleged fan of Amber Heard) revealed that some celebrities are deleting their likes from Johnny Depp’s Instagram post.

Kamilla then revealed the names of celebrities who hated Johnny’s post. They are: Elle Fanning, Bella Hadid, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr (shocking), NikkieTutorials, Zoey Deutch, Sophie Turner, Joey King.

It was not stated why these celebrities pulled their likes.

Kamilla wrote, “Last thing: Consider donating! All proceeds will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in honor of Amber Heard. Even as little as $5 makes a difference!

“Celebs are pulling their likes from Johnny Depp’s lmao Instagram post. They don’t ‘realize they got it wrong’. They realize it’s no longer in their best interest to publicly support Johnny Depp.

“In case anyone is out of the loop, Johnny’s supporters paid for unsealed documents that revealed he and his team edited photos, edited audios, intimidated witnesses and incriminating texts. You can look it up in the news and @cocainecross also made a thread about it.

“Someone made a list of all the celebrities who liked it in case anyone wanted to go through it. The ones who didn’t like it are still here. For anyone wondering who didn’t like it the post people have noticed so far: Elle Fanning, Bella Hadid, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr (shocking), NikkieTutorials, Zoey Deutch, Sophie Turner, Joey King.

“For anyone wondering which celebrities paid attention to pro-Amber posts: Sarah Paulson, Amanda Seyfried, John Legend, Edward Norton, Lena Heady, Phoebe Bridgers, Emily Ratajkowski. More celebrities who showed their support for Amber or who liked pro- Amber Posts are FKA Twigs, Mia Farrow, Christina Ricci, Melissa Benoist, Julia Fox, Nathalie Emmanuel, Busy Philipps, Lindsay Lohan.

“Actor Alex Winter was also one of the only celebrities to tweet in support of Amber Heard following the verdict. Accused abusers who support Johnny Depp: Ryan Adams, Chris D’elia, Greg Ellis, Russell Brand , Mickey Rourke, Marilyn Manson (also besties), Beechy Colclough (doctor accused of sexual abuse who was in the courtroom supporting him), Josh Homme.”

Another Amber Heard fan, Gloria wrote, “Just to be clear, celebrities don’t like Johnny Depp’s Instagram post because they’re sincerely sorry. They don’t like it as a precaution at the time. case the tide turns faster than expected.

They don’t care about Amber Heard. They care about themselves.”