Anna Kendrick admitted that her bikini riding bike was moments before “crashing” as she updated her Instagram recently. The 36-year-old actress and famous Instagram prankster broke the model for not posting too often this month, sharing stunning vacation photos of island girls and including plenty of bikini action.

Also throwing in her love of the laid back bicycle, the Tony Award winner included a photo where she joked that she was about to fall – fans seemed to love her.

Anna Kendrick all in bikini for a bike ride in Vacay

Scroll down for the snap. Kendrick took off on a tropical getaway with her Perfect co-stars – these include Rebel Wilson, 41, and Brittany Snow. The leggy brunette, taken from behind and on a picturesque path and framed by greenery, stunned fans with a sexy wink as she wore an ultra-petite, pastel-print miniskirt, as she straddled her bike and showcased her fit and back via a matching and stringy bikini top.

Cute basket weaved with her bike, and standing on her tiptoes for the shot, the actress turned around for a little eye contact and a scowl, with the caption:

“Moments before riding (crashing) a bicycle for the first time since the age of 11.” A heart emoji has also been added.

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Likes don’t take long on Anna’s IG, there are over 1.1 million left. Rebel Wilson also sent the thumbs up, with comments seeing Kendrick called a “Cutie!”

“The way you haven’t rode a bike in a movie or show now, we know why LMAO,” replied another fan. Quick to follow, a bikini selfie of Anna with a girlfriend, though one caption jokingly spoke of boyfriends. Back on her bike for more photos, Anna updated two days ago while happily riding the two-wheeler, this time in a plunging blue bra and cute shorts.

“Dude, I’m gonna be so pissed off when I turn around and my mom can’t hold on anymore,” the caption said. For fans, legends are half the fun. One comment that gained likes told the star, “This is your way of subtly announcing that you are pursuing a new career as a cyclist.”

Earlier this year, Anna got on her legs in a sequined mini dress to joke about her 5’2 “height and how high heels can work wonders. Referring to the pandemic, Anna has writing :

“I am happy to report that during my forties I grew ten inches and am now officially A Tall ™ ️. (It’s not the angle of the camera or the shoes. I won’t answer questions.)
Sincerely, A Tall.

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