USUALLY, Strictly Come Dancing is where you go when you want a relationship to end, given its infamous romantic curse.

But new single Anna Richardson, who split from longtime partner Sue Perkins last month, is hoping it could be the start of a new chapter.


Anna Richardson said being associated with Strictly’s Gorka “would be amazing”Credit: (Channel 4 images should not be altered or manipulated in any way) Channel 4 public image
Anna split from longtime partner Sue Perkins last month


Anna split from longtime partner Sue Perkins last monthCredit: Rex Features

The Naked Attraction host wants to be on this year’s series, having turned down all reality shows, including I’m A Celebrity and Dancing On Ice.

Anna revealed: “I think Strictly as a whole is a different ball game because you learn, you do a skill and I think that would be an amazing opportunity.

“I’m a celebrity, I dance on ice, anything that involves injury or ritual humiliation, I’m just too old. I’m just not a fan of it.

“But Strictly would be an opportunity. To be paired with someone like Gorka (Marquez) would be amazing.


“You want someone you can have a really good laugh with and who is good looking.”

If she needs any advice on getting on the show, she can ask her latest co-star Len Goodman, the former Chief Justice of Strictly.

Anna appears with the ballroom caption on C4’s Can I Improve My Memory ?, which airs tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET.

She added, “I’ve been asked to do reality shows and I’ve always turned them down because they inevitably bring out the worst in people.

“Even doing this memory show, it pushes you to the limit.

“I’ve always avoided reality TV shows because I know exactly what people are looking for.

“I think I would probably try to avoid the dark sides of my personality as much as possible.”

On Strictly, there really is nowhere to hide.


Brad kidnaps the king

BRADLEY Walsh shakes up co-host Holly Willoughby with a portrayal of Viva Las Vegas alongside an Elvis impersonator in the opening episode of their new game show Take Off With Bradley & Holly.

The opening of the series, broadcast this Saturday on BBC1, offers the public the chance to win seats on a plane to Las Vegas.

Bradley Walsh sings Viva Las Vegas alongside an Elvis impersonator


Bradley Walsh sings Viva Las Vegas alongside an Elvis impersonatorCredit: BBC

A source said: “With two successful albums under his belt, Bradley doesn’t need a lot of cajoling to shoot a song, as Holly well knows.

“She asks him to shut down the show and sing along with Elvis, which he happily does.”

What a teddy bear.

Jodie’s Rotten Clothes

As a model, Jodie Kidd has reportedly worn some bizarre designs on the catwalk – but the craziness is going to skyrocket now that she’s signed up for the new C4 Trash Monsters show.

The series sees celebrities carrying the contents of their trash cans for a week – to highlight food waste and the need for more recycling.

Jodie Kidd signed up for new C4 Trash Monsters show


Jodie Kidd signed up for new C4 Trash Monsters showCredit: Rex

Jodie will be joined by ex-footballer John Barnes and they started filming this week.

A source said: “Jodie and John are the latest signings for Trash Monsters. They will be on the show alongside Kerry Katona.

“It has to be one of the strangest shows to come, but it has a great message.

“Celebrities will be confronted with their own spending habits and examine how much their households are wasting each week. They will then carry the contents of their trash cans to show them how much they throw away.

I think this has the recipe for being anything but garbage.

A SHOW celebrating People Just Do Nothing’s rise from web series to Bafta-winning comedy and new film arrives on BBC Three in August.

Ahead of their first spinoff film – Big In Japan – the team will reflect on their journey in Kurupting The Industry: The People Just Do Nothing Story.

Ed: Ricky left me in tears

ED Sheeran cried hysterically while watching After Life – Ricky Gervais’ bittersweet comedy about grief – after the death of his music industry friend Michael Gudinski.

The founder of Mushroom Records passed away in March and his funeral was attended by a string of personalities, including Ed, who performed a duet with Kylie Minogue there.

Ricky Gervais on his hit show After Life


Ricky Gervais on his hit show After Life

Ed said: “I had a companion who passed away very unexpectedly at the same time as I was becoming a dad, at the age of 30. It was the first time that I didn’t feel young.

“It took me so long to watch After Life because I was watching an episode and crying hysterically for two hours and like, ‘I can’t watch another one for a few months.’

“Then I would go back and watch one and it was the same thing.

“It’s a beautiful show but it’s moving to watch. It’s heavy.”

The Netflix series follows the character of Ricky who decides to do and say whatever he wants after his wife dies.

Production of a third series began in April.

It is niche Lorraine

EASTENERS star Lorraine Stanley claims fans know her from porn when they recognize her on the streets.

The actress, who played the adorable cleaner Karen Taylor on the BBC1 soap opera for four years, is constantly stopped by people when she goes out.

Lorraine said: “When people say: Where do you recognize yourself from? I go, ‘The top shelf? Lorraine Does Dallas? ‘ “

And the cheeky TV star says if she stopped acting she could become a stripper.

She added, “If I could retrain myself as something, I think I would be a therapist, counselor or something like that. I like helping people, so maybe I could be a caregiver or a therapist.

“Or a stripper!” If you have it, you might as well post it.

Anna Richardson reveals she wants to adopt from partner Sue Perkins after finding out she is infertile

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