As he says himself, Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm is “not the bad guy”.

It may not look like that, of course.


At the risk of being a curb crawler, Larry David is a comedy geniusCredit: Rex

Larry David can come across as a rude, callous, rude, selfish, fanatic sociopath.

But he’s actually on the side of the gods and what may sound like an undiagnosed case of Tourette, to anyone who’s not a man and over 50, it’s just Larry beating up on all the little ones. injustices of life and tell the world the truth.

He’s Basil Fawlty, Woody Allen and Victor Meldrew all rolled into one and that’s why so many dedicated followers roared their red buttons at 3:40 a.m. on Monday to greet the 11th series of Curb Your Enthusiasm, on Sky Comedy, where there never was. be sweet sitcom reintroductions.

Instead, Larry immediately found himself responsible for the death of a burglar in his swimming pool, due to a violation of local health and safety fencing regulations, while stubbornly pursuing golf debt. $ 6,000 from jeweler “friend” Dennis Zweibel, who has early Alzheimer’s.

Too much to bear

These are the kinds of things almost anyone would pursue very cautiously or let go of. But Larry can’t let go. Larry is the guy who stalks Zweibel and ends up yelling, “Dementia is not a license to steal.

The Five Foot Fence episode was, of course, the funniest thing I saw on TV this week, without reaching the same levels as “Palestinian Chicken”, “Denise Handicapped” or “The Ski Lift”, where Larry pretends to be an Orthodox Jew in order to push his mate Richard Lewis up a list of kidney transplants, which would be my favorite episodes if you haven’t already discovered the joys of this Seinfeld spin-off.

The quality varies quite strongly because, from start to finish, the show is improvised. There is the draft of a story, the rest is largely up to the performers.

I have to move quickly through certain episodes because the mistakes or the comedy of embarrassment are becoming too much for me to bear.

Even relatively weak Curbs, however, will still contain some brutal truth, a killer line, or notable performances from JB Smoove, as the tenant of Larry, Leon, and the brilliant Susie Essman, Agent Jeff’s rude wife, who took an even more direct road attitude with Zweibel when Larry broke his bracelet.

“Let me tell you something, boy with dementia,” Susie said, grabbing him by the backhands, “You gave me a lifetime guarantee and I don’t care if you don’t remember the damn from your dog’s name, you’re gonna fix this and it’s not gonna cost me a fucking thing.

This is obviously Curb’s crowning achievement. He allows his characters to go where angels and comedy cowards fear to step. This means Larry is the guy who gets caught marking a disabled date like “Wendy Wheelchair” on his phone.

Larry is the guy who asks a couple who have just adopted a Chinese girl, “Did the kid show a penchant for chopsticks?”

And Larry is also the guy who tells a mixed-race couple that their baby is “a little light for a Kwame”, long before the waking half of the planet explodes in fury at the royal revelations from Meghan and Harry.

Still, he gets by without being banned from polite society, either because Larry David is too funny to cancel, or because the right-wing squad just didn’t notice that he made fun of liberal sensibilities as much as they did. prejudices.

It is to America’s credit that CYE continues, however. The bureaucratic, fist-faced echo chamber of British TV comedy is now too narrow-minded to create a show like Curb. Channel 4 and the BBC both have positions on race, gender, class, age and disability that cannot be contradicted, let alone ridiculed or ridiculed.

This is why The Beeb is unlikely to produce a comedy as brilliant or popular as Only Fools And Horses, Steptoe, or Till Death Us Do Part.

And that’s also why Larry David isn’t the bad guy. He’s a good guy. . . a really good guy ”. (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sky Comedy, Monday, 3:40 a.m.). SYCOPHANTE of the week.

Matt Baker to Love Your Weekend host Alan Titchmarsh: “I don’t want to blow smoke, but I would watch you, Alan, and I wanted to be like you. “I wanted to be able to interview like you do and I would like to have that relaxed feeling through the screen. “You are an absolute model for me and me. . . (continues in the same vein for a while).

But thanks for avoiding the smoke thing, Matt.

How the breast was won

LITTLE Britain’s famous ‘Bitty’ sketch came to life in horrific fashion on Channel 4 on Monday night with a one-off documentary called Breastfeeding My Boyfriend.

Three words that made me lactose intolerant, even before we were introduced to nosy little ones who indulge in a practice known as “Adult Nursing Relationships, or ANR,” according to the voiceover.

Breastfeeding My Boyfriend Made Me Lactose Intolerant


Breastfeeding My Boyfriend Made Me Lactose Intolerant

It’s a fetish that seems to be slightly more popular than you probably expected, but Channel 4 could still only find five people stupid enough to share, including former teacher Lana and her semi-skimmed boyfriend Shawn. , who were trying to transform their hobby. in a job through the porn industry.

The model here was a lactating West Country heifer called “Milky Mummy” who, to my disappointment, had managed to combine her love of expensive lingerie and “squirt” videos without dropping the tagline “milky bras are. on me “.

His cheerfully honest business approach to this “lifestyle choice” was, however, slightly less of a pain than the clinical route taken by a pair of yogurts called Tip and Button that produce “educational videos,” from Virginia, America, which Sounded more like an Attenborough commentary.

“He brings the nipple to the roof of his mouth,” a dead-eyed pimple said to the camera, as Tip began to gurgle.

“He will use a sucking motion by opening and closing his jaw.

“Then you can hear him start to swallow.” . . “

Button, my darling, this ain’t engulfing Tip. It’s the viewers.

Unexpected morons in the bagging area

TIPPING Point, Ben Shephard: “Which former Great British Bake Off judge was the host of the A Very Berry Christmas TV show?”

Colin: “The bald guy.”

The Chase, Bradley Walsh: “What television cartoon characters were named after four Renaissance artists?” “

Kenny: “Tom and Jerry.”

And again Tipping Point, Ben Shephard: “In his epic poems, Homer often refers to nectar as the drink of the gods and what other substance as their food?

Dom: “I think I’ll go with donuts please, Ben.”

Linzi: “I would have said donuts too.”

Great sports previews

ROBBIE SAVAGE: “There’s definitely another goal in this game, but who’s going to get it? If there is one. “

Paul Merson: “It was a performance that came from the way they played.”

Chris Sutton: “Solskjaer’s sacking is absolutely what the board could do. May be.

(Compiled by Graham Wray)

Random television irritations

ITV’s long death call is trying to make Matthew Venn the “first gay sleuth on television,” nearly 30 years after Taggart introduced DC Stuart Fraser.

The horrifying realization that there was still half an hour of Stephen Merchant’s The Outlaws to go.

Who do you think you are from Alex Scott? drown in “wow” and dignity. The next guest celebrity on the chat show I See is promoting a children’s book about a superhero who looks remarkably like them.

And Kelly, a contestant of The Love Trap, asked if David Birtwistle was gone, the show’s oddly triangular prize and the object of every girl’s desire: “Was sculpted by Zeus?”

No. Doritos, maybe. But not Zeus.

Lookalike of the week


Credit: Getty

This week’s winner is Victoria Beckham, with her new lips, and Tiddler from The Riddlers. Sent by e-mail by John Watson.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 trailer reveals Larry David hasn’t changed at all

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