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Before Britney Spears, 5 Hollywood celebrities who took legal action against their parents: Macaulay Culkin, Drew Barrymore and others

Pop star Britney Spears was relieved after a judge suspended her father Jamie Spears as a Tory on Wednesday. Britney has been in guardianship since 2008 over concerns about her mental health following a breakdown and hospitalization.

A conversatorship is a kind of adult guardianship in the United States that allows a curator to have full control of the curator’s career, life, and finances if the curator is deemed unfit to deal with these things. himself.

Britney Spears detailed the pain and abuse she experienced during guardianship. She told the court in June this year: “I don’t want to be assessed, to be sitting in a room with people four hours a day like they used to with me before,” she said.

Besides Britney Spears, several other Hollywood celebrities suffered from bad parenting and chose American emancipation law. However, not all children who seek emancipation do so because of bad parents.

Britney Spears is free from guardianship. (Photo: Reuters)

Here are five celebrities who invoked the law of emancipation:

1. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin Macaulay Culkin rose to fame with the films Home Alone. (Photo: Macaulay Culkin / Instagram)

Macaulay Culkin, who rose to fame with the Home Alone films, sued his parents for emancipation and $ 17 million according to People magazine when he was just 16 in 1997. He claimed his father Kit Culkin had mismanaged his income and forced him to sleep on the sofa. . He told Empire last year, “It’s always misinterpreted that I ’emancipated’ myself from my parents. I legally took my parents’ names out of my trust fund and found an executor, someone to watch my finances, just in case someone wanted to put their fucking little finger in the cake.

2. Drew Barrymore

Drew barrymore Drew Barrymore emancipated herself at 15. (Photo: Reuters)

Never Been Kissed and Charlie’s Angels star Drew Barrymore emancipated at 15. Barrymore had a troubled childhood with an overbearing mother and an indifferent father and was put into rehab at the age of 13. Her mother forced her to stay in an institution for the mentally ill. for eighteen months. The era does not seem to have improved her mental health as she attempted suicide at the age of 14, causing emancipation.

3. Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter Ariel Winter is best known for the mock documentary series Modern Family. (Photo: Ariel Winter / Instagram)

Best known for the mock documentary series Modern Family, Ariel Winter was 14 when her mother Chrisoula Workman was accused of abusing her. She was transferred to a legally sanctioned guardianship under her older sister. After three years, she was emancipated. On Twitter, she said: “I am now officially emancipated !!! I am really lucky to have an amazing support system and lovely people in my life who gave me the support and advice I needed. to have this wonderful opportunity.

4. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia silverstone Alicia Silverstone rose to fame as a teenage star in the 1990s (Photo: Alicia Silverstone / Instagram)

Alicia Silverstone rose to fame as a teenage star in the 1990s thanks to the erotic thriller The Crush and the music video for Aerosmith’s song “Cryin”. It was during the filming of The Crush, at 17, that she asked for her emancipation, but it was not because of abusive parents, but because she needed to circumvent California’s labor laws. children who did not allow him to work longer.

5. Michelle Williams

michelle williams The teenage drama series Dawson’s Creek made Michelle Williams a popular name. (Photo: AP)

Acclaimed actress Michelle Williams also emancipated herself not because of problems with her parents, but because she wanted to continue her acting career without any legal interference on working hours due to her young age. It paid off handsomely when she was cast for Dawson’s Creek, a teenage TV series that made her a popular name.