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Best Unsimulated Sex Scenes In Hollywood Movies

That said, some intrepid Hollywood filmmakers have tried capturing real sex on camera before, and a handful of courageous actors have managed to have legitimate sex with PIV onscreen. Like a pornstar and director, I feel uniquely qualified to weigh in on the reasonableness of my favorite Hollywood sex scenes, so here are my favorite sex scenes that are said to be not fake (and the ones that were 1000% totally fake).


Antichrist (2009)

Directed by Lars von Trier and performed by Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the controversial Antichrist tells the story of a couple grieving the loss of their toddler. The movie opens with an explicit sex scene and features some close-ups of penetrating sex (which featured body doubles and not the original actors). The plot is incredibly disturbing, so it’s probably for the best that the sex isn’t quite real, but Gainsbourg’s acting is amazing – you really feel his heartache and his insanity.

Satan's doll

Satan’s doll

Satan’s Baby Doll (1982)

This European sexploitation classic features hardcore penetration and facial blowjob, which was performed by the cast / actresses in this movie, not doubles. The plot is a bit tricky to follow, but here’s what I was able to figure out: the main character’s rich brother is dead and there’s some sort of evil nun, which leads to a lot of blowjobs. I will allow it.

To like

To like

Love (2010)

Directed by French director Gaspar Noé, this film was originally released in 3D, so one can only imagine how awkward (or awesome) this theater experience was. In any case, there is so much explicit sex in this movie. It has everything from romantic sex and drug-fueled sex to of course a giant orgy – and according to its cast, it was all totally un-simulated.

I don’t know how Noé found such an exciting cast, but then again, this is a French film. And if there’s anything I learned from the research I did for this story, it’s that everyone in French films has a lot of sex, to the point where I don’t know how one has time to do something else. Why am I still living here?

Small bus

Small bus

Shortbus (2006)

An original and clever film that follows Sofia (Sook-Yin Lee) as she embarks on a quest to have her first orgasm, Small bus looks a bit like the NSFW prequel to Girls. Director John Cameron Mitchell once said that his actors had unsimulated sex because he wanted to “use sex in new cinematic ways, because it’s too interesting to leave porn.” Which is kind of rude with porn, but whatever – the sex is shot well and it looks like the actors are having a lot of fun.

9 songs (2004)

This romantic film documents a 12 month date with a couple (Kieran O’Brien and Margo Stilley) who love sex and rock and roll. They watch live music, they go on mini vacations, and they get high. They are definitely #blessed, and you are so happy for them all the time that you can’t stop smiling. Plus, there’s a beautiful, sunlit cunnilingus scene with a blindfold.

Wild orchid

Wild orchid

Wild orchid (1989)

There is a lot of hot sex in this movie. Square Otis, who plays an inhibited lawyer, has a bunch of insanely steamy scenes with her then-boyfriend Mickey Rourke. In fact, director Zalman King had to remove a scene from the theatrical release to make sure it had an R rating rather than an X, which was rumored to be an unsimulated sex scene. Otis denied rumors, but if you look at the scene (which continues on tube sites today), there is some very authentic chemistry there.

The Brown Rabbit (2003)

One of the most infamous movies of all time, The brown rabbit features an unsimulated oral sex scene between Chloé Sevigny and star / director Vincent Gallo. The film received terrible reviews across the board, and the quality of the sex scene was no exception. It’s grainy and awkward, with mediocre camera angles, and Gallo spends all of his time holding his rod, either out of height embarrassment or not being completely straight. Now that I’m a porn director and have probably seen 17,000 blowjobs on camera, it pales in comparison.

Don’t Look Now (1973)

Like Antichrist, Don’t look now is about a couple (Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie) mourning the death of their child. While this doesn’t sound like the sexiest plot ever, the film sensitively describes how death affects a relationship – and in this case, it leads to some really intense sex. For many years, people on set have said that Christie and Sutherland had unsimulated sex. Sutherland denied it, but either way, this is some really serious softcore Skinemax action.



Directed by Lars von Trier (hey, man likes to shoot crazy sex scenes), Nymphomaniac Obviously involves tons and tons of sex. But honestly, it’s less sexy than a depressing glimpse into the life of a sex addict: one minute you might want to go out and sleep with the next stranger you meet, and the next you might want to. be taking a long hot shower. Von Trier said the film uses porn performers as body liners for the actors, and prosthetic vaginas were also used in the sex scenes. But the double penetration scene with Charlotte Gainsbourg and two African brothers named Papou and Kookie looks as real as a DP can get.

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