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Bob Saget recalled by other comedians and Hollywood stars

We’re not starting the New Year off on the right foot at all. Just days after Bob Saget posted a touching tribute story in honor of Betty White’s passing, the Full house The star died shortly after performing his last comedy act in Florida. The actor and comedian was found dead in his hotel room at the age of 65 and the cause of death has yet to be clarified.

In life, Saget was known to be very nice to everyone he met. This has left fans and friends around the world in mourning after news of his passing broke. Among them is the great 99-year-old comedian Norman Lear, who posted an image of himself alongside Saget on Twitter and wrote: “Bob Saget was such a lovable human as he was funny. opinion, he was hilarious. We were close friends and I couldn’t have loved him more. “


“Still in shock,” said Gilbert Gottfried, who appeared on Bob Saget’s Comedy Central Roast. “I just spoke with Bob a few days ago. We stayed on the phone as usual making each other laugh. RIP to friend, comedian and aristocratic colleague Bob Saget.”

“It’s always disheartening when we lose artists who touched us through their work, often doubly when they were universally known to be kind, caring and funny. RIP to Bob Saget, and my heart goes out to all who are there. have known and loved. ”Zelda Williams tweeted.

Kat Dennings, who co-starred with Bob on the short-lived sitcom Raising daddy, posted online: “Oh my God. Bob Saget !!! Cutest man. I was his daughter on TV for a season and he’s always been so kind and protective. So sorry for his family. “

“I’m stunned! Noooo !!!!” Meredith Salenger tweets. “Bob Saget was just with us a few months ago! Truly the nicest man. What a heart. He had suffered so much loss. And he was a wonderful friend to so many people. Just heartbreaking. Oh my just awful. . We loved him. “

“There was no one nicer in Hollywood than Bob Saget,” wrote Josh Gad. “I find it hard to understand this. I don’t want to believe it. It’s too much to handle.”

Another touching tweet from Joel McHale read: “I am so shocked by the passing of Bob Saget. One of the nicest and caring people I have ever met and he just so happens to be one of the most Funny planet. I’ll miss you so much Bob. I love you dear friend. I’m so sorry Kelly Rizzo. And so sorry for the rest of the family.

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And a message from a heartbroken John Stamos reads: “I am broken. I am drained. I am in complete and utter shock. I will never have another friend like him. I love you. so Bobby. “

Tributes continue to pour in as more friends and fans of Saget share their memories and thoughts on the comedian’s death. Saget was one of those who always focused on the positive, as you could hear from his podcast Bob Saget is here for you, which he created to help lift the spirits of those suffering during the pandemic. The world is now a little less funny without Saget, but his memory will live on forever. Rest in peace.

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