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Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp and more: Hollywood actors who effortlessly sported their colored nails in public

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Nail Paint was considered girly and gay, but not anymore. Nowadays, more and more famous Hollywood actors are wearing brightly colored nails. The stereotypes that revolve around colored nails are shattered by many actors. Actors like Brad Pitt, Harry Styles, Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp and many more prove that colored nails have no gender and can be achieved by anyone who loves them. A lot of people still raise an eyebrow at the idea of ​​a man getting a manicure. But with several personalities getting their nails painted, it soon becomes a global rage. Here are some Hollywood stars who didn’t hesitate to show off their painted nails.

Brad pitt
Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors. He usually leaves us speechless with his charming look, but at the Palm Springs International Film Festival gala Brad Pitt stole the show with his subtle yet eye-catching manicure. Her nails have intriguing patterns filled with vibrant colors that compliment her outfit.

Chris hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is a well-known action hero and is considered very masculine. The star was spotted with her fingernails painted. On Jimmy Fallon’s show, Chris mentioned that his daughter and niece often painted her nails. Chris Hemsworth proves that painting nails does not make a man any less.

Johnny depp
Legendary actor Johnny Depp doesn’t hesitate to show off his shiny and colorful nails. The actor flaunts his colorful nails whenever he gets the chance.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles is a pioneer and also a breaker of stereotypes. From posing on the covers of Vogue wearing a dress to painting his nails, he always comes out looking gorgeous. Harry Styles flaunted his beautifully colored nails at the Met Gala.

Rocky as soon as possible
Well-known rapper Asap Rocky has plenty of hit songs on the Billboard charts, but his appearances with painted nails are always a show stealer.

Kelly machine gun
American rapper Machine Gun Kelly is very fond of colored nails and is often seen blaming them in public.

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