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Brad Pitt swears never to work with these four Hollywood stars again – Manila Bulletin

Brad Pitt at the ‘Bullet Train’ Gala Screening in Leicester Square, London on July 20.

Oscar winner Brad Pitt has a list of stars he will never work with again.

This was revealed by her “Bullet Train” co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson in an interview with variety.com.

Asked about Brad, Aaron said: “He just wants to bring light and joy into the world and be around people who are there to have a good time. You work with many actors and after a while you start taking notes: “I will definitely never work with this person again. Brad also has this list: the ‘good’ list and the shit list.”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry and Brad Pitt attend the ‘Bullet Train’ Red Carpet Screening at Hotel Adlon on July 19 in Berlin, Germany. (Ben Kriemann/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

But Brad likes Sandra who also appears in “Bullet Train”. Brad made a guest appearance in Sandra’s recent film, “The Lost City.”

“Sandy is an old friend. She’s a hard-nosed person that I could call for favors over the years and I’ve done so many times, and she’s still around. His timing was brilliant, he was a great person to have on my ear in a situation like this, which is actually quite intimate,” Brad said in a dailymail.com.uk post.

The dailymail.co.uk made a list of possible actors who are on Brad’s hate list:

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Brad has denied rumors that he and Harrison got along while filming ‘The Devil’s Own’.

“He’s absolutely cool,” Pitt told the publication in 1997. “Look, it was tough. It was the toughest movie I’ve ever done. But as far as the ego reports out of control and people hiding in trailers, that just wasn’t the case. It was everyone trying to make the best movie possible under the circumstances,” Brad said, in an interview with Rolling Stone. .

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard in ‘Allies’

Marion and Brad worked together in the 2016 romantic thriller “Allied.” They were rumored to have an affair on set, but they both denied it. Reports said their chemistry was a factor in his split from Angelina Jolie.

“I never take anything personally when it doesn’t concern me. And so I didn’t take it personally because I had nothing to do with those rumors or those situations,” Marion, a French actress, said in an interview on Today Show.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise (Facebook)

Tom and Brad are rumored to have had a strained relationship when they worked together on “Interview with the Vampire” in 1994.

“You have to understand, Tom and I are…we’re walking in different directions. He is at the North Pole. I’m from the south. He comes to you with a handshake [Pitt mimicked an aggressive hello] where I can meet you, I can’t, you know? Brad said in the report.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie (Facebook)

In 2005, Brad and Angelina worked together in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And 10 years later they starred in By The Sea.

“As a couple, we have this shorthand that can be communicated with a look. Conversely, it means I knew immediately if she smelled like a stinky catch,” Brad said in 201.

These days, Brad and Angelina are in the middle of complicated divorce proceedings.