Staff and patrons at a Cardiff cafe were stunned when The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh and comedian John Bishop stepped in between filming of Doctor Who.

The stars of the popular Bradley Walsh TV show came on, John Bishop and Jodie Whittaker were all spotted filming at Grange Gardens, Grangetown on Monday.

Zara Ali, the owner of The Hideout in Grange Gardens, said the TV crew unloaded their gear around noon with the famous faces appearing at the scene.

“I thought they were just taking a few shots of the TARDIS, but no – Bradley Walsh came along, John Bishop and Jodie Whittaker,” she recalls.

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While the actress did not enter the community cafe, the other two stopped for drinks, a chat, and photos with employees and customers.

Comedian John Bishop also stopped by for coffee

“They were exactly as you see them on TV – it was the same, like a really relaxed, very approachable character. They were really nice, considering that everyone was asking to have their picture taken,” Zara said. .

“They stopped and talked to a few of our customers who were sitting outside. It was really nice, they were very approachable – very friendly. It was like you knew them a bit. They were making jokes and were hanging out. “

The Doctor Who film crew is a familiar sight in the region and across Cardiff – but the cafe owner admits the stars have never gotten so close to the cafe before.

“I’ve seen every time Doctor Who is filmed he tends to be around Grange Gardens, like the street across the way, but never really in Grange Gardens,” Zara said.

“So I saw Jodie Whittaker from a distance last year, but never really up close or at Grange Gardens. So we really wanted them to come to Grange Gardens, in the building and have coffee and all that – and this this time it is. happen. “

As Bradley and John sat in the cafe’s outdoor seating area not on camera, the 32-year-old admitted: “We didn’t do any work, but everything was fine.”

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She added, “My oldest daughter is a huge Doctor Who fan and she’s really jealous and drained.”

Earlier this year it was announced that John would replace Bradley in Series 13 as the new journeyman, with the 54-year-old saying boarding the TARDIS was a “dream come true”.

John and Bradley’s appearance in Cardiff follows Oscar-winning American actor Forest Whitaker seen last Friday at an independent café in Cardiff Bay, between filming of the Netflix movie Havoc.

The film also stars Tom Hardy, who made headlines last month with his repeated trips to Barry Island.

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