The ITV game show host was reduced to tears by his own pun during Tuesday’s The Chase as contestant Jo was pressed for her knowledge of African snakes. Bradley Walsh must have taken a moment to recover, leaving Chaser Shaun Wallace bewildered by his poor attempt at humor.

Bradley drew exasperated reactions from fans of The Chase after his reptilian pun.

The third player on Tuesday’s show, Jo, was asked to identify Africa’s longest poisonous snake, which turned out to be the Black Mamba.

Sadly, she made a poor choice, but Bradley couldn’t help but play a joke to ease the tension.

“The longest snakes in Africa,” he said. “It’s an exclusive club. Mambas only.

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“Half-mind? He apologized. “Have you been speaking English for a long time?”

Fortunately, the presenter was finally able to recover, only for Jo to be stunned by Shaun’s correct answer.

Bradley’s attempts at zoological punishment also sparked a pretty sharp reaction from viewers of The Chase, who took to Twitter by storm to poke fun at the snake-based one-liner.

Twitter user @MissLionHeart posted: “F ** ka duck, Bradley, that was a terrible joke, even for you!”

While Biggzs insisted, “Stop laughing at your own jokes, Brad. Honk.”

However, not everyone was as discouraged by the gag as the stone-faced hunter.

Froshie Evans even said, “@BradleyWalsh is absolutely on fire in today’s #TheChase.”

The Chase will be back soon with another trivia mastermind facing four new players, who might appreciate Bradley’s comedic hosting style a little more.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5 p.m. on ITV.

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