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Bradley Walsh gave his fans an exciting update on the upcoming return of the beloved ITV show, Breaking up daddy. The presenter, known for his passages on The hunt and Doctor Who, appeared on Thursday’s edition of This Morning, when he revealed to the hosts Holly willoughby and Philippe schofield the destination of the new episodes.

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After discussing Bradley’s other new project, The Larkins, which aired this weekend, Phillip told Bradley, “So after [The Larkins] Are you filming more Breaking Dad? “, to which Bradley replied,” Actually I am, you’re right Phil. I’m going to Scandinavia. “

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The hunt The host continued: “We are leaving for Scandinavia and it is fantastic. I got a phone call this morning in the car from a few companies to drive me to New Zealand, saying to myself: ‘Can we please bring Breaking Dad to New Zealand? ‘ They desperately need it, it’s a big hit in New Zealand. “Looks like there will be a lot more globetrotters for our favorite father-son duo to come!

Meanwhile, the father-of-two is preparing to debut as Pop Larkin in The Alouettes, which is a reboot of the popular 90s series May’s cherished buds and based on books written by HE Bates.

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But despite Bradley appearing as a beloved character, alongside Bridgerton’s Joanna Scanlan and Sabrina Bartlett, it looks like one thing is missing from the new episodes: the iconic tagline “Perfik!” “


Are you a Breaking Dad fan?

Speaking to Radio Times, Bradley explained why the production decided to drop the phrase: “He says it in the books, sure, but it became such an iconic slogan in the ’90s that we decided to don’t go back. We’ve used the word once, maybe twice, throughout the series. “

Bradley further developed the deletion of the phrase on This Morning, adding, “Simon Nye took the books for what they are. It’s more of a modern take, we’ve got a bunch of different characters, and it’s a modern adaptation of a 1958 story. ”

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