Chase’s contestants on Friday’s show included Jonathan, Liz, Claire and Micah, but it was Jonathan who got the team off to a good start with a brilliant cash-builder ride. Not only did his quiz prowess impress his teammates, his performance shocked both Bradley Walsh and Chaser Jenny Ryan. So much so that Bradley was left speechless and utterly speechless after witnessing his first bet.

First contender Jonathan, who was playing to fulfill his lifelong dream of traveling to Brazil, began to correctly and confidently answer Bradley’s questions over and over again.

But his cash-builder was equally impressive for his speed, with the contender barely giving Bradley a breath between puzzles.

When the time passed Jonathan looked exhausted and Bradley was in shock, his mouth open at what he had just witnessed, and said he was “amazing”.

The other competitors didn’t believe it either and all three started to laugh.

“Here’s something really interesting, you have £ 9,000 and not only are you smart but most importantly you are fast,” the presenter told him.

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Chaser Jenny Ryan sat down to prepare for a one-on-one with the first player and christened him, “Speedy Johnny!”

The vixen presented him offers and said, “I’m not sure you’re going to take this because I think you’ll have to support yourself but I’m generous.”

The Chaser offered him the lowest bid of £ 3,000 and the highest bid of £ 30,000, remarking: “You know you have the capacity.”

Competitors Micha and Claire thought Jonathan could easily take the highest bid, but Liz wanted him back to the squad and urged him to go for £ 9,000, which is the money that he won initially.

While £ 3,000 and the highest bid would bring Jonathan to Brazil, the candidate played it safe and went for the middle bid.

Jenny appeared disappointed with his decision, feeling he was a strong player and said: “If you weren’t seated, who knows what would have happened.”

Jonathan won the head-to-head against Jenny and took the £ 9,000 back to the delighted squad.

After the end, Jonathan jokingly exclaimed that “it was awful” and, again, looked exhausted after the exhilarating round.


The team were happy and Liz agreed her performance was “brilliant”.

“In the end, he took the right offer,” remarked The Vixen.

Bradley seemed happy to be back on the team.

The host told him: “Good player, you are fast and you are 100% a threat.”

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