Bradley Walsh was forced to step in and comment after a competitor Teh Chase left viewers stunned tonight.

Fans were left to congratulate Barclay after accepting the high offer of £ 80,000 – and duly returned home to his squad safe with the huge sum.

Bradley himself stepped in and praised the contestant’s gameplay.

One wrote: “Actually praying they win this #thechase #barclay.”

And another The Chase fan added, “This Barclay boy is amazing. I really hope he wins.”

Another commented: “The greatest contender I have ever seen on this show and watched it from the start! Well done Barclay!”

And another said: “I really hope they win the final pursuit. Barclay was superb.”

And another The Chase fan added, “Barclay needs to get out more.”

Another commented: “Damn, Barclay needs his own bank! And £ 30,000 is a good start! I say a 20 and win, maybe …”

And another said: “A stellar performance from Barclay there. He holds his cool admirably.”

And another The Chase fan added, “The best Barclay player.”

Another commented: “Amazing what a trick, I hope they win it all now, Barclay should keep £ 73,000, the others didn’t want him to play.”

And another said: “Barclay is really, really good! 20, 3 push-backs, win.”

And another The Chase fan added: “Yes !! Barclay ‘The Banker’ whatever his last name is.”

Another commented: “Wow, what player is Barclay. Okay Dorothy and Perkins shut up, don’t touch your buttons… Ssshhhh.”

And another said, “Kerpow! What a Barclay trick!

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