Bradley Walsh remained in disbelief after a contestant answered a question, walking away from his podium.

Ed, Kirsten, Jane and Matthew took on Darragh Ennis today, hoping they could win a huge cash prize.

The first was Ed, who managed a respectable £ 3,000, before being knocked out of the series.

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Kirsten fared better, earning £ 7,000 on her cash generator, but struggled with a series of tough one-on-one questions.

Jane matched Kirsten’s cash builder, earning £ 7,000, but if she was to have any chance of taking home the cash prize, she had to beat The Menace first.

After a touch-and-go start, Jane dropped out, but found herself in a one-question shootout.

Host Bradley Walsh asked, “The term ‘sweet’ comes from a Latin word with what meaning?”

The options were either sweet, sour or salty.

Jane, unfortunately, chose the wrong sour answer, leaving Bradley stunned.

He said, “It’s a Latin word meaning sweet.”

Darragh joked, “He doesn’t know that.”

But Bradley knew the answer from the start.

He walked away from the table, shaking his head, and said, “It’s hard to bear after all this work.”

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