Bradley Walsh was not inspired by a contestant for The Chase, joking that they had “no chance” of beating Anne Hegerty.

Kathryn, Dave, Adam and Lucy were all on the show hoping to earn thousands of pounds.

The first was full time mom, Kathryn.

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The 42-year-old started off strong, earning £ 6,000 in the cash builder.

While offered a lot more one-on-one, Kathryn stuck with £ 6,000 and managed to get through the one-on-one with ease.

Dave from Rhondda Valley was the second contender to face The Governess.

The bus driver matched Kathryn’s £ 6,000 and qualified for the final again.

While the first two contenders fared so well, host Bradley Walsh was keen for all four contenders to qualify for the final round.

He asked third player Adam, “Are you going to beat The Chaser?”

Adam, looking rather nervous, said, “Why not?”

However, Bradley wanted more confidence and said, “That’s not what I want to hear.”

He repeated his question, prompting Adam to give a more enthusiastic answer.

But Bradley was still not happy, he said, “He doesn’t stand a chance.”

And Anne to add: “[He’s] absolutely terrified. “

However, Adam exceeded Bradley’s expectations, winning £ 5,000 for his team and taking their prize to £ 17,000.

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