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BTS members’ reaction to meeting Hollywood celebrities: From Cardi B to Drake, SEE PHOTOS

When the BTS boys met celebrities like Cardi B, Drake, and Taylor Swift.

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BTS the boy band is huge and hugely popular!! They have their fans supporting them whenever they are seen in public. But the BTS boys have their own favorites and always die to meet them!! Well, they are very addicted to meeting celebrities and always cheer up when they see them. A BTS episode uploaded by KPOP Frazi showed us a glimpse of when celebrities like Cardi B, Taylor Swift, and Drake met the BTS boys.

What followed was a big party as they got to meet their favourites. Cardi B also talked about having a great time meeting the boys. Taylor Swift had a brief interaction with the BTS boys and they all smiled throughout their conversation. Drake is a hero in the eyes of the BTS boys. They always expressed their wish to meet Drake, and when it came true, they just rejoiced. !!

Check the images here.

Image Courtesy: KPOP Frazi Video

Amazing pictures!!

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