Carol Kirkwood, 58, gushed about her BBC Breakfast co-star Louise Minchin, 53, after the couple revealed they were confiding in each other if either of them had any problems. In a recent Her Spirit podcast interview with Louise and triathlete Annie Emmerson, the forecaster admitted that she often became his friend when she needed advice.

“We have been friends for years donkeys!” Carol beamed at Louise.

“I know if I have a problem I can always give you a call and I’m done!” “

Louise smiled back, “We’re talking, aren’t we,” Carol continued, thanking her for being such a loyal friend.


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“And you are such a good and honest friend that you will give me good, solid advice and I really appreciate that!”

Turning to Annie, Carol added quickly, “And Annie, you’re going to be on my list now too!”

She replied ecstatically, “Good! I want to be on your list Carol!”

It comes after she asks the forecaster if she ever gets cranky.

“We watch you on television; i have been watching you for years and you are so happy! Does it come from having a lot of siblings? ” she thinks.

The host thanked her for her kind words, explaining that she was right.

“Yeah, I think that’s the case because we’ve been taught to share and appreciate what we have and I still feel like that,” Carol agreed.

“But you asked me if I was ever cranky… yes! 2:45 am, when that alarm goes off – snap! Snooze!” she laughed.

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