Mermaid, a spin-off from Charmed, was launched and filmed in 2005. Here’s everything we know about the spin-off series and why it was canceled.

BMs Charm was a series that had it all – magic, romance, girl power – so it may be surprising that its planned spin-off, Mermaid, did not appear on the screen. The series premiered and filmed in 2005 and was to have high hopes of being picked up by the network, but the series ended before it even had a chance. Here’s everything we know about Mermaid and why the project was canceled.

The land for Mermaid resurfaces after Charm Season 5, Episode 1, “A Witch’s Tail, Part 1”. After a mermaid named Mylie risks losing her immortality in a sour deal with a sea witch, the Charmed Ones must help her secure a proclamation of love from the man she loves, a mortal man named Craig. . Their attempts were unsuccessful, and the Halliwell sisters (the original Charm trio) realize that they will have to kill the witch. The Three Sisters cast a spell to hunt down the Sea Witch, but something goes wrong when Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) suddenly transforms into a mermaid herself. When Mylie is nearly killed in the resulting fight, Craig finally confesses his love for her, saving her life. The episode sparked a surge in viewership – although some argue it was simply the result of Alyssa Milano in a revealing mermaid costume.

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After the episode, executive producer Brad Kern presented a spinoff series that would become Mermaid. When a mermaid named Nikki (Nathalie Kelley) runs aground in Miami, she is rescued by a lawyer named Matt Johnson (Geoff Stults). After discovering his true nature, Matt allows Nikki to live with him and his roommate while she does her best to blend in with humanity, by taking on a job as a waitress. While helping Matt protect the innocent, Nikki must dodge Eric Luger, an evil man who also evolved from the Sea. Although this is a spin-off of Charm, the Halliwell sisters were not part of the series. Mermaid came with its own mermaid tradition, where mermaids evolved in a submerged city under the sea, developing supernatural abilities like superhuman strength, communication with sea creatures, and the ability to read emotions.

Charmed Phoebe Alyssa Milano Mermaid

The series was written and filmed in Miami in 2005, and the pilot would stand a good chance of being picked up by the WB. Despite a promising start, however, the show never saw the light of day. Due to declining profits and messy court proceedings, The WB (which was owned by Warner Bros) and United Paramount Network (UPN) decided to merge into a single channel in hopes of competing with networks like Fox. The new channel would become The CW. The CW ended up going on pilot for Mermaid, putting an end to the hopes of broadcasting the show. Kern attributed the rejection to a sudden cut in budget that kept the pilot from reaching his true potential.

Mermaid wasn’t the only potential spin-off Charm had. One of them surrounded Billie Jenkins (Kaley Cuoco), a reckless witch who was introduced in Season 8 as Paige was revealed to be his scout. Appearing in the final season didn’t give Billie’s character much time to develop, which is why Kern was interested in exploring her further in his own spin-off. The network expressed little interest in the project – likely because the audience’s response to Billie’s character was divisive at best. There were also some spinoffs around Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and another starring Halliwell sons Wyatt and Chris as adults. Despite fan rallying, CW passed on the Charm spin-off because they already had a show about the brothers chasing monsters – Supernatural.

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