THE Chase viewers cheered a team to victory today on the final show before the Euros.

A packed house of four players shared the £ 21,000 jackpot by defeating housekeeper Anne Hegerty.


Today’s Chase team hit the jackpotCredit: ITV

It was the perfect end of the week for some watching at home, who credited him with making their day.

A viewer tweeted: ‘Well done £ 5,000 each.’

Another posted: “Absolutely love when the contestants win the chase and how much that means to them. This celebration #TheChase.”

A third wrote: “Highlight of my Friday watching this chasing group hit the jackpot.”

The housekeeper was narrowly beaten


The housekeeper was narrowly beatenCredit: ITV

However, amid the jubilation there were also tears, as Anne’s fans mourned her loss.

One viewer wrote: “My 5 year old sister just burst into tears because we watched an episode of the chase where you lost and you are her favorite hunter.”

The team had a respectable but by no means perfect 17, and Anne almost caught them.

However, a wrong answer and a pullback seconds from the end sealed her fate.

Anne recently revealed that she told “hard worker” host Bradley Walsh to take time off to avoid having a “heart attack.”

The quiz expert, 62, said she was “in awe” of Bradley, 60, for his relentless work ethic, but admitted she “worried” about him.

Anne recently stated that she was


Anne recently said she was ‘amazed’ by Bradley’s work ethic but ‘worried’ about himCredit: ITV

Anne, who joined the show in 2010, may have a fierce front on TV – but has admitted that she cares deeply about her co-stars.

Admitting that she enjoys working with the host and has a great relationship with him, she said MyLondon she often reminds Brad to take time off.

Anne told the publication: “What you see on screen is exactly what [Bradley’s] really like it, and from the start he’s been so generous to all of us Chasers.

“I’m still a little in awe of Brad. I think he is such a professional and absolutely delicious. I admire him immensely.

Anne told Bradley to take time off


Anne told Bradley to take time offCredit: ITV

“I once told Brad that I was so worried that he was working too hard and I was worried that he would have a heart attack. And he just said ‘Oh but I love this’. “

She added that the host “described the show as his pension” and is fairly certain he “will never leave”.

“And I don’t think we Chasers are going to go anywhere we like,” Anne also revealed, putting The Chase fans at ease.

After stepping away from the game show with its appearance on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity in 2018, the quiz now features its own TV show.

Anne said that Bradley "never leave" the ITV game show


Anne said Bradley ‘will never quit’ the ITV game showCredit: Rex

Anne attributed her hosting skills to Bradley after having “watched and learned” from him for many years.

The housekeeper said, “It’s great to be a solo presenter. I have watched Brad for so long; I don’t think I’m very good, but I’m better than I would be if I hadn’t seen and learned from him.

She told Yours magazine the role, “I wasn’t expecting that at my age and I love it. Just that feeling that there is something that I can do well, that people seem to really like. J feel like I’m living the dream. “

Anne recently revealed that she often feels nervous on the ITV quiz show because she worries about being “discovered” and “looking like an idiot” on TV.

She recently revealed that she gets 'nervous' on certain show days.


She recently revealed that she gets ‘nervous’ on certain show days.Credit: ITV

She told the Metro: “It’s good that I don’t have to answer tough questions.

“On The Chase, there’s always that feeling of, oh no, today is the day I’m discovered, today is the day they asked a whole bunch of really tough questions in the final Chase about subjects that I don’t know and look like an idiot. “

The Chase airs weekdays at 5 p.m. on ITV.

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