Many viewers listening to The Chase have commented on Bradley Walsh calling a contestant a “mermaid” and “queen.”

It comes after Bradley repeatedly called the history student 20-year-old Phoebe of Warwickshire a ‘mermaid’ and a ‘queen’ – which you can watch in the video above.

In candidate Lee’s first cash-builder round, Bradley turned to teammate Phoebe and said, “You look like a mermaid – you look fantastic with your hair, you look crisp.”

Phoebe responded by thanking Bradley while touching her locks.

Bradley then said: “It was very hit or miss, wasn’t it” when it came to his comment. But it didn’t end there as he later called her “queen” jokingly about the group names on the show.

Paul, The Sinnerman, Sinha even admitted he was “a little worried” about the comments as he joked to Bradley, “I’m just a little worried about you Bradley. First you have it. called a mermaid, then a queen. been binge watch Hans Christian Andersen? “

“No, I said Queen because that’s the name of a band.” Bradley responded. “Everyone’s doing band names and just me. But I’m actually thinking, look at a Phoebe’s hair.”

Several fans of the show took to Twitter to respond to Bradley’s comments.

One viewer said: “You look like a mermaid, way to stay scary Brad #TheChase”

A second wrote: “Focus Brad, make creepy comments about candidate when it’s her turn #TheChase”

“Does Bradley like Phoebe? #TheChase.” A third bet.

A fourth said: “Brad is acting scary !! #thechase”

Someone else tweeted: “#thechase Bradley has a crush on this student”

A sixth commented: “Bradley clearly loves him! #TheChase”


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Another joked: “Shut up Brad, your Mrs. is watching #TheChase”

“Unhealthy interest in Phoebe Brad?” #TheChase “and” Brad, Phoebe is about to denounce you to some sort of authority. Fire her. #TheChase ”two more posted.

The Chase is weekdays on ITV at 5 p.m.

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